5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Baby Bangs

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 10, 2018
5 things to keep in mind before getting baby bangs
The turn of the season requires you to upgrade your hairdo. But if you are already experiencing déjà vu at the thought of a regular haircut and colour job, stop right there! A spanking new bangs style that’s doing the rounds, baby bangs can change that for you! But, before you put the fate of your locks in the hands of a hair stylist, this checklist will help you figure out whether or not you should go for this particular style…

It is all about texture

It is high maintenance

Baby bangs are one those niche hairstyles that suit only selective hair textures. Hence, if you have straight hair, go for it. If your hair texture is wavy, you can still get the ideal, smooth hair that baby bangs needs with the TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Thanks to its Moroccan Argan Oil, it will help frizz settle down and leave only sleek hair behind. Curly haired girls, we suggest you skip this one.

It depends on your features

It’s good to be realistic before getting micro bangs because they are fairly short. Due to this, every other facial feature becomes more pronounced. While it does crop the appearance of a large forehead, it also draws more attention to the nose and brows so it becomes essential for you to stay groomed and tidy.


It is based your face shape

It is high maintenance

Before getting a micro fringe, assess your face shape. As it is thick and structured, it lengthens the face and makes it look more angular. While this makes baby bangs ideal for an oval face, the style doesn’t bode well for heart and square shapes.

It needs focus

As the baby bangs hairstyle is eyeball grabbing in itself, it’s important to make it the focal point of your hair. Hence, opt out of bright hair colours and whimsical cuts as your bangs need all the attention on them.


It is high maintenance

It is high maintenance

Don’t mistake baby bangs for a ‘wash-and-go’ kind of hairstyle because it requires the right products, styling and finishing touches. Keep a mini flat iron and blow-dryer with a concentrator nozzle handy to style your hair in a flat forward direction on particularly rough hair days. A finishing touch of the Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum is just right to banish flyaways and leave locks shiny and sleek.

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