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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanOct 04, 2016
If you’re a fashion freak….someone who is gutsy enough to try something that is totally on trend, we proudly announce to you the ultimate fashion accessory of the season: BANGS.  They are indeed back with a bang, and trust us, a loud one at that.
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As fresh and young as ever, there cannot be a better way to shed a few years off your age instantly. They did this back in 2007 and once again, they are here to prove their worth.  Wondering if the bang styles have changed? Yes indeed!!! Bangs, today, have stirred a bigger and a better revolution and you will love it, just as much as we do. These celebrities are an instant style-inspiration:

Reese Witherspoon

Her signature wispy-bangs are comparatively low-maintenance and suit almost everyone.

Anne Hathaway

Mixing a pixie haircut with long side-swept bangs couldn’t look more chic.

Michelle Obama

The first lady of America couldn’t have demonstrated better how to manage a signature bob, with edge.

Taylor Swift

A big forehead can easily be managed with Taylor Swift’s heavy, long bangs. INSPIRING!

Many other celebrities have jumped onto the “bang wagon”. Jennifer Lawrence, Freida Pinto, Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz are just a few of them and the list goes on and on and on.

Now the only question that arises is:

Could you commit to bangs?

Bangs can instantly enhance your face giving it a soft yet edgy feel. The only dreaded part of bangs is that they are perceived to be high-maintenance. So ladies….we present to you some really IMPORTANT rules to sport your bangs with elegance and pull them off in style:

  1. You would need to invest in salons, ‘coz yes, bangs are costly and a trip every month is a must. Hair tends to grow and it gets difficult to style them.
  2. There are bangs for every face shape. Not every bang style could bring that charm. The trick is to choose bangs that are specific to your face. For instance, a square-shaped face would look utterly beautiful with soft, long side-swept bangs, completely softening up your look. So, as much as you invest in those bangs, you need to invest in knowing the right bang cut for your face.
  3. We know, everyone is big on bangs, but the sad news is if you have curly or frizzy hair, you may not be able to embrace this trend (but you always have better options), until you decide to go high on chemical treatments to straighten or soften them. 
  4. Always make sure, cutting bangs can never be a DIY-project!! ALWAYS, we repeat, ALWAYS hire a stylist.
  5. You will need extra care and attention for that chopped look and will have to make peace with your hair dryer.
High Maintenance, as it may be, BANGS are worth every trouble, because no pleasure comes without a little pain.

Time to BANG ON!!


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Fleur Xavier and Nethra Raghuraman

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After winning the Ms. Beautiful Skin award at The Femina Miss India, Fleur Xavier skyrocketed into a fulfilling career of runway, television commercials and magazine covers. Nethra Raghuraman catapulted to fame after winning the Elite Model Look of the Year and she has never looked back since. She has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines and has been the face of numerous advertising campaigns. Fleur and Nethra’s popular blog, Little Red Tote (LRT) offers beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips.

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