When it comes to dramatic hairdos, we always rely on a high ponytail to do the magic for us. Be it at the gym or a night out with our BFFs, high ponytail hairstyles are just the right kinda cool we need to up our look. Oh and did we mention, they’re perfect hairstyles for when we want to flaunt our razor sharp cheekbones! The good news is that for those of you who are suckers for high ponytails, there’s so much more you can do with your high ponytail to up your hair game. Wondering what hair hacks to try out when it comes to giving your ponytail an all new upgrade? We’re giving you a roundup...


BB Style Tip

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If you wish to try various high ponytail hacks, you need to ensure that your hair is nourished and healthy enough to look strong. After all, to hold every hairstyle like a ponytail in place you must make sure that you have hair that is long, strong and shiny. We suggest you go with the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner that’s enriched with Amla-Pearl complex. This ingredient will help you protect your hair against environmental pollutants. The conditioner will leave your hair moisturised and prepare it for hairdos listed below.


1) Soft Curls High Ponytail

Soft Curls High Ponytail

This one’s such a savior when you wake up to a bad hair day! Just use a curling iron to create soft curls and then go onto tying a high ponytail. Make sure you use a spray for hold so the curls stay in place for the occasion you’re going for.


2) Bun Cuff High Ponytail

Bun Cuff High Ponytail

Ever thought metal could give your ponytail a makeover? Totally possible! Use a bun cuff to seal a high ponytail and see what a difference it makes to your look. Chisel out your cheeks by way of a bronzer and you’ll be looking like a complete hotstepper!


3) Poker Straight Ponytail

Poker Straight Ponytail

When it comes to sleek hairdos, we’re always going to go with the good ol’ poker straight ponytail. Just straighten your hair and then create a high ponytail while using a smoothening spray for shine and smoothness. Might take a while to get the look in place but totally worth the effort, ladies!


4) Braids and High Ponytails

Braids and High Ponytails

Ever thought we could bring braids and ponytails together? Hell yeah! Just tie a high ponytail and use a few strands to create a braid and then wrap it around the elastic. If you’re headed to a formal do, this one’s just the perfect hairstyle for you!


5) Hair Wrap Ponytail Hairstyle

Hair Wrap Ponytail Hairstyle

We’ve seen it on a bevy of Bollywood and Hollywood stars and we’ve got to say it looks hella good. Just tie a ponytail and then use a strand to cover up the elastic and there you have it—the hair wrap ponytail hairstyle!


6) Mohawk High Ponytail

Mohawk High Ponytail

Now the mohawk high ponytail might be for the brave hearts but it looks badass as ever. Think you have it in you to give it a shot? Just create a mohawk and then tie a high ponytail with the mohawk in focus. So sexy!