Think you have your hair game strong? These cool kids, who have the best Instagram accounts to follow, will make you rethink your beauty goals. Check them out as they flaunt some uber impressive hairstyles on Instagram…

halo braid hairdo

Who: avisimasanz

It’s not every day that you spot a halo braid done to perfection. But @avisimasanz has the swag to pull it off. Looking like a doll with that hairdo, this tiny tot can teach you some real lessons on beauty.

flower crown and tiny braids

Who: azaleasmile

@azaleasmile is giving us major Coachella feels with her look here. The flower crown and the tiny braids on either side are what music fest hair dreams are made of, aren’t they?

adorable hun and mirrored glasses

Who: chasinivy

You might think you slay in your hun, but @chasinivy has all the right reasons to replace you. See this darling looking like a boss in her adorable hun and mirrored glasses. We bet she’s going to grow up to be a true heartbreaker.

Minnie mouse buns instagram hair inspiration

Who: fashion_laerta

Minnie Mouse buns have been a rage lately and from the looks of it, @fashion_laerta is quite the follower of beauty trends. Check her out walking around town in her Minnie mouse bun like it’s NBD.

curls instagram hairstyle inspiration

Who: littlemissmia

Got curls? Flaunt them! Make no mistake ‘coz @littlemissmia knows a thing or two about hair goals. The next time you step out, just put on your cap and let those curls do the talking.

fun instagram hairstyle double huns

Who: samoylovaoxana

If you’re looking for a fun hairstyle, take inspiration from @samoylovaoxana. With her double huns on display, she sure knows how to make heads turn.