Sure, gracing the red carpet can be a tricky situation. Besides sartorial choices, hairstyles are a widely critiqued topic when it comes to red carpet appearances. Unfortunately, over the years, some stars have been a major letdown. Here’s a roundup of the worst hairstyles ever on the red carpet...

rihanna worst hairstyle on red carpet

Remember that time when Rihanna was compared to an omelette on the red carpet? Turns out her hairdo was just as bad as her gown. Care to explain that awful haircut replete with that even worse headgear, RiRi?

miley cyrus worst hairstyle on red carpet

Miley Cyrus has always taken her outrageous sense of style a tad too seriously. Few years ago, the singer turned up at an event wearing spiked hair aka porcupine skin. But then again, do you expect any better from Miley?

Image credit: photos.toofab

lady gaga worst hairstyle on red carpet

We’re sure you recall how Lady Gaga turned up at an interview wearing a telephone on her head. This one was just as bizarre—the singer wore orange hair to the 2016 Grammys as her tribute to the late David Bowie. Bet there were better ways to pay your tribute, Gaga!

Image credit: shawglobalnews

taylor worst hairstyle on red carpet

Looks like Taylor went the platinum blonde route at the MET ball in 2016. Kudos to her for braving the trend but was it a red carpet worthy look? Nah!

christina aguilera worst hairstyle on red carpet

Looks like Christina Aguilera was working on her look as a ghost in a horror flick and accidentally turned up on the red carpet! What else can explain this blonde afro look with that unsightly velvet number!

Image credit: digitalspyuk

rita ora worst hairstyle on red carpet

Rita Ora wanted to take the goth route but it went a little out of hand with that spiked hair and bizarre number. Don’t you agree?