Valentine's Day is coming, but you haven’t chosen your perfect hair style for a date night yet? Pick among the most beautiful, romantic and trendy options: Valentine’s hair bows, curls, updos and hair accessories. Read on and see the images for inspiration, as well as the easy step by step instructions on how to create these looks easily by yourself. 

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023: The Basics 

“Love is in the hair”, as Valentine's day hair salon quotes say. But before searching for Valentine’s Day specials at hair salons, check these quick and easy hair styles that you can create at home and save your pocket. 

7 Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles to Try

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman curls


1. Romantic Curls 

Loose curls are one of the best classic and time-proven options for Valentine for red haired, brunettes and blondes. Soft waves can be created on short, medium and long cuts, they provide hair volume and give a romantic, feminine look.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman Tresemme gloss serum

How to Create the Look 

To make this hair style for Valentine’s Day easy, you can try popular overnight heatless curl tools, ribbons or braids. Otherwise, just use your curling iron or straightener, but do not forget to apply thermal protection. Tresemme Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum is not only protecting your strands from heat damage, but also boosts your hair growth and nourishes your hair with goodness of vitamin E, coconut, macadamia and sunflower seed oil.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman curly ponytail


2. Stylish Ponytail 

Who needs to search for Valentine's Day hair specials in salons, when you can create this stunning look at home in less than 15 minutes? Ponytails are not boring and casual, just need a little upgrade. 

How to Create the Look 

Brush your hair and slick it back, tie in a high ponytail. Pull a strand from your pony and wrap it around your scrunchie, then secure with a pin. To complete your romantic hair style for Valentine’s Day, slightly wave your hair tips. 

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman bow hair style


3. Bow Hairstyle 

Save your budget on Valentine’s hair salon and invest in hair accessories instead, like bows, because they are the biggest trend of 2023. Various hair styles with bows will give you romantic, feminine and a little bit of retro vibe. 

How to Create the Look 

Valentine’s hair bows look perfect with buns, ponytails and half up half down styles. You can just pin a bow accessory to your updo, or tie a silk headscarf. Slightly wave your hair tips, and you are ready!

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman curly bun


4. Loose Bun 

Create a romantic loose bun by yourself in a few simple steps. Don’t worry if it appears a little bit messy, that will give your look a relaxed, effortless chic vibe. 

How to Create the Look 

Wave your hair, pull it back, twist a bun and secure it at the back of your head. Loosen a few strands around your face and fix your hair style with a finishing spray. Check out for more makeup and hair style ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman bubble half up ponytail


5. Half Up Half Down Bubble Pony 

Need more interesting ideas of how to style your hair for Valentine’s Day? Try a cute half up half down hair style with a trendy bubble ponytail. Also check the celebrity inspired hair for Valentine’s Day

How to Create the Look 

Brush your hair and use a mousse product for extra volume. Separate the upper part of your hair and secure it with a scrunchie. Add one more scrunchie to your ponytail, then slightly pull your hair to the sides to create a “bubble”. Repeat all along your entire ponytail length.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman hair pin ponytail


6. Valentine’s Day Hair Accessories 

Probably the easiest way to add glam to your Valentine’s Day hair is using hair accessories, like heart shaped pins and click claws, flowery and pearl details. That’s how you can turn any simple style into a shiny date night look. 

How to Create the Look 

You can add hair pins to loose wavy or straight hair, or any updo of your choice — braids, half up half down hair styles, buns and ponytails. It’s a great option for any hair length from short to long.

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles in 2023 | Top 7  woman long pink hair heart shaped braids half up hair style


7. Heart Hairstyle 

Can you name a more romantic Valentine’s hair idea than a heart style? If you have long hair, do not hesitate trying to tie or braid it in a heart shape — trust us, it’s not so complicated as it may look. 

How to Create the Look 

Brush your hair thoroughly and use a styling mousse to make your strands more manageable and voluminous. Stock up with hair pins, scrunchies and a good finishing spray. You can choose various heart hair styles and techniques to sport Valentine’s Day, like bun, ponytail, braid or half up half down updo. 

FAQs for Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Hair Styles 

Q1 How to choose a perfect hair style for a date night? 

For the first date, it’s not recommended to experiment with your look, or create something complicated, just keep it fresh and clean to feel as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, read the suggestions on the most romantic hairstyles below. Make sure your outfit matches with your hair style — for example, if you want to show your cleavage, beautiful necklace or massive earrings, choose updo hair styles. Also check the celebrity inspired date night hair styles for Valentine’s Day

Q2 What are the most romantic hair styles? 

Hair is probably the most important part of your look, when it comes to attraction. Want to find the best romantic hair styles and time-proven Valentine’s hair specials? We suggest you sticking to loose romantic curls, slightly messy buns and sleek high ponytails, feminine hair accessories, half up half down hair styles with ponytails and braids. 

Q3 What are the hottest hair trends in 2023? 

If you want to create the trendiest hair style, check the latest and the most popular ways of styling for this year. These are bouncy 90s inspired blowouts that are back in trend now, in opposite, wet looks and slicked back hair are on top, too. Stylists also recommend to experiment with hair partings, as it’s not only giving your roots volume, but side parts and side bangs are beginning to gain popularity in 2023. And, of course, hair accessories, like click claws, bows and headscarves are still in the spotlight. 

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