Some of the greatest horror stories are the ones that involve a haircut. It happens to the best of us—we think we need a haircut but the expectation and reality of it all are two polar opposites. Invariably, we come back missing our old hair feeling like it was all a big mistake. As a tribute to all those tears we shed while looking into the mirror after a bad haircut, here’s a read that talks about the thoughts you have every time you muster the courage for a haircut...

thoughts while getting haircut

When your hairstylist insists you get a buzz cut

“Does he think a lob is another word for baldness?”

thoughts for every haircut

When you see your hairstylist with pink spiked hair

“It’s over for me. I’m going home looking like a hedgehog.”

hairstylist thoughts while getting haircut

When your hairstylist shows you the back mirror

“Jeez! What about keeping the length did he not understand?”

hairstylist thoughts

When you see chunks of your hair on the floor

“Did I even need this haircut?”

hairstylist thoughts for every haircut

When your hairstylist notices the condition of your hair and asks you where you got your last haircut from

Yeah cool, I’m paying you a bomb to lower my self-esteem.”

thoughts for every girl haircut

When he’s blow drying

“I know how this goes—it’s all going to go back to being a mop once I wash it.”

haircut thoughts

When he’s selling you a range of shampoos

“No, thank you, I don’t want to burn a hole in my pocket to maintain this awful haircut.”