When it comes to hairstyles—our celebrities know how to experiment. From the latest trends to daring hairdos, they try it all. But you know what their favourite hairstyle seems to be when it comes to red carpet drama, vintage hairstyles! From finger waves to faux bobs, our Hollywood and Bollywood stars have tried it all. Want to know our favourite looks? Here’s a roundup...

BB style tip

BB style tip

When trying vintage hairstyles, you need to ensure that your hair feels nourished and voluminous. For that we suggest, going with the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo and Conditioner that has a new revolutionary system with conditioner before shampoo—something that helps you achieve long lasting volume. Start using this three or four times a week to get the best results.

amy in vintage hairstyle on red carpet

Trust elegant Amy Adams to make gibson roll hairstyles work like magic. She wears it with a blue gown on the red carpet with minimal makeup and drop earrings. Such perfection, isn’t she?

scarf hairstyle on red carpet

Scarf hairstyles and head wraps were a vintage favourite. Naturally then, when Eva Mendes wore her hair in a head wrap a while ago, it was a complete throwback to that era. Did she wear it well? Hell yeah!

keira knightley in vintage hairstyle on red carpet

If you’ve always dreamt of making finger waves work for you, take cues from Keira Knightley here who wears them with a side chignon. Just make sure you keep it slightly messy to add drama to the look. Using a texturizing spray for the same seems like a good idea.

vintage chic hairstyle on red carpet

Faux bobs have always been vintage chic hairstyles. Case in point—Lily Collins who looked adorable in a faux bob with deep dark lips at a red carpet do not too long ago. If you have long tresses but want to experiment with short hair, take inspo from her faux bob right here!

katy perry in vintage hairstyle on red carpet

If you ask us, rolled bangs aren’t exactly the kinda vintage hair we favour but when it’s Katy Perry sporting it, you can expect a whole lotta experimentation. Here’s the singer rocking pink hair with rolled bangs like it’s NBD. Not a look we love but full marks to her for daring to be different!

bouffant hairstyle on red carpet

Our fave Hollywood cutie—Anne Hathaway—wears a bouffant hairstyle with her black outfit. To add to the vintage drama, she wears her hair with a hairband and tasseled earrings. Can’t compete with this beaut, can you?

ott hairstyle on red carpet

Don’t you love Shraddha Kapoor’s retro twist? She wears it well with a subtle winged eye and glossy lips. You know what that indicates? When you choose an OTT hairstyle, balance it out by going subtle with makeup!

kangana ranaut in vintage hairstyle on red carpet

Have medium to short hair? Take cues from Kangana Ranaut on how to pull off retro curls. Just add a shine spray to your hair once you’re done and you’re good to go.