8 Red Carpet Inspired Ways To Style Centre Parted Hair

Written by Dayle PereiraOct 04, 2018
8 red carpet inspired ways to style centre parted hair
If your hairstyle needs pizzazz, the tried and trusted centre parting is your answer. Don’t lean towards the side or slick it down the back because there’s a lot more that you can do with it. If you’re wondering how to style centre parted hair, the red carpet is all the inspiration you need. Here’s a look at the 8 best centre parted hairstyles as seen on the red carpet.

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

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dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Voluminous ponytail

    This may be news to you but every ponytail doesn’t need to be brushed down the back. It is possible to work a voluminous one with a centre parting. A strong middle part keeps the hairstyle structured while a teased crown and loose strands on either side lend an effortless touch.

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Curly bob

    When you wear a centre part with short hair, steer clear of the sleek, straight bob. Instead add large, full curls to give the hairstyle depth. The centre parting ensures symmetry in the hairstyle while the curls keep it bouncy and voluminous. You can thank us later!

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Low bun

    The sexy hairstyle is a go-to look for a night on the town and a centre parting only adds its own charm. Brush the hair thoroughly, part it from the front to the back and roll the length tightly into a bun. The sleek bun will stay neat and sophisticated while the choice of parting will balance the hairstyle.

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Boxer braids

    Newsflash: Boxer braids aren’t just for a stylish gym sesh—they work great on the red carpet too! Boxer braids tied from the hairline on either side of the hair lend the look a sassy vibe while the sleek middle parting adds definition to the textured hairstyle. That’s all you need to get braiding!

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Beach waves

    Beach waves may be every boho girl’s dream ‘do but a parting down the centre is all it needs for an elegant transformation. While the parting balances the hairstyle with ease, the bounce and texture of the waves ensures that it stays full and uplifted. Got to love it when you get the best of both worlds!

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Accessorised braided bun

    Buns need not be boring.. The trick to liven them up is to play around with the hairstyle. Case in point—the accessorised braided bun. The braid adds definition to the bun, the parting creates strong lines down the centre and the embellished hair band cuts through for a sparkly touch.

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Layered long bob

    By now, we’ve confirmed that the long bob isn’t going anywhere. It suits most face shapes, looks gorgeous on just about anybody and is easy to style. For a centre-parted gal, uneven edges and light curls on a layered lob are all that’s needed to easily uplift this popular hairstyle.

dual braided hairstyle on red carpet

  • Dual braided updo

    A parting right down the middle is exactly what every dual braided updo needs. Unexpected we know, but together they make a perfect match. Braids intertwined on either side of the head add tonnes of texture to the look while the centre parting adds a symmetric flair. Win-win!

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