Bb Trend Alert: Corset Braids

Written by Chandni GhoshJul 25, 2017
BB Trend Alert: Corset Braids
As beauty lovers, we’re lucky to be in an age where everyday there’s a new hair or makeup trend cropping up. From intense boxer braids to the easy chic huns, we’ve given all the new hair trends a shot. But the latest hairstyle doing the rounds is the corset braid. Wondering what this trend is all about? Read on...

What are corset braids?

How it’s done

The first time we heard that the corset braid was the hairdo of the moment, we were highly curious. Turns out, laces or ribbons are used to thread through the braid as if they were an accessory for the regular braided ‘do.


How did the trend start rolling?

How it’s done

The trend was first spotted at Paris Fashion Week but it became a rage only when it was spotted it at the Lesley Hampton show during Vancouver Fashion Week this year. Soon after, beauty enthusiasts were trying it out and Instagramming their versions of this trend. Some used colourful ribbons while others stuck to single-toned ribbons and interlaced them through their braids or pigtails.


How it’s done

How it’s done

While they might look complicated, they’re quite easy.
Just create two Dutch braids and braid your hair till the very end.
Now take a strip of lace or ribbon of your choice and thread it through the starting part of your braid and pull till you’re midway. It’s like lacing up a shoe—just cross the ends of the lace and thread the ends through the braids again. Re-cross the lace and thread it through the braids again till you reach the end and finally tie the laces together.

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