The countdown to the most exciting festival of the year has begun and we are eagerly waiting to enjoy this day of colours with our friends and family. Are you someone who doesn’t play Holi because of what it does to your skin and hair? We get it, the colours used during Holi festival may contain harsh chemicals that can cause severe problems like breakouts, infections and allergies. Your hair too can become dry, damaged and lifeless.

We want you to stop worrying about your skin and hair during Holi 2020 and go out and enjoy this day, because we have found the best beauty tips for you. These pre- and post-Holi tips will ensure you have a happy and safe Holi so you do not have to bother about the after effects of the festival. Today we will share eight before and after beauty tips that you should bookmark and follow, if you want to enjoy the festival of Holi without compromising on your skin and hair.


1. Pre-Holi festival tips:

Pre-Holi festival tips:

Tip #1 Apply sunscreen

The sun is never kind on our skin and not applying sunscreen is never an option. Prolonged exposure to the sun can make matters worse which is usually the case during Holi. The dyes present in Holi colors can make matters worse as they can lead to tanned, sunburnt and itchy skin. Therefore, it is important to apply moisturizer to form a protective layer on the skin and follow it up with a generous layer of sunscreen all over to prevent dryness and pigmentation.

Holi 2020 - colour your nails

Tip #2 Colour your nails

Holi colours tend to settle into the nail corners and cuticles and are difficult to get rid of, no matter what you do. These are harmful because they can enter your body when you consume food, therefore it is better to prevent it from happening in the first place. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to apply clear polish on your nails. Men can also use this trick and ensure a happy and safe Holi. This simple yet effective tip will prevent ugly stains on your nails as well as prevent the chemicals from settling in the nooks and crannies of your nails.

Holi 2020 - Use petroleum jelly

Tip #3 Use petroleum jelly

Keep petroleum jelly close by when you go out to play with colours during Holi. Apply it on your lips, hands, feet as well as beneath your nails. This will prevent the colours from coming in contact with your skin and thereby prevent stains altogether. You can also apply it on your ears, yet another place where the colours get accumulated and are difficult to get rid of.

Holi 2020 - Massage your hair with oil

Tip #4 Massage your hair with oil

Now that you’ve learned how to protect your skin, lips and nails, don’t forget your hair is also going to be affected by the colours. To prevent it from looking dry and damaged later on, try to cover it with a bandana or cap. If that’s not possible, give your hair and scalp a good oil massage using coconut or castor oil. It will form a protective layer and prevent the colours from entering the hair shaft and roots during the Holi festival.


2. Post-Holi festival tips:

Post-Holi festival tips:

Tip #1 Use jojoba or olive oil

This Holi, we are preparing you not just for preventing the effects of Holi colour on your skin and hair, but we are also telling you what to do post the festival. Once you are done playing to your heart’s content, it’s now time to get rid of the colours on your body. The first rule is to get rid of the colours while it’s still wet because once the colours get dry it becomes a little difficult to remove. While cleansing, don’t rub your skin vigorously in an attempt to remove the colour, as this could damage the skin and lead to more problems. To get rid of the facial colour, use olive or jojoba oil and a cotton pad to wipe it off and then follow it up with a face wash.

Holi 2020 - Condition your hair

Tip #2 Condition your hair

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the colour on your face, it’s time to care for your hair. Start by thoroughly washing it to remove every bit of colour from your hair and scalp. Follow it up with a deep conditioner to put the moisture back into your hair. You can apply a hair mask or simply massage it with an oil to ensure the Holi festival colours don’t leave your tresses looking damaged and lifeless. If you still notice some colour settled near your roots, try a scalp exfoliating scrub by mixing sea salt, olive oil and lemon and massaging your scalp with this scrub.

Holi 2020 - Avoid salon treatments for a few days

Tip #3 Avoid salon treatments for a few days

You may feel like getting a salon treatment to get your glow back, but avoid it all costs. Your skin will be too sensitive for a few days after playing with Holi colours, and it is best to stay away from bleaching, waxing, facials, clean ups and other chemical treatments for at least a week after the festival. Also refrain from any DIY remedies, as they can cause a reaction on the skin and cause burning or irritation. Allow your skin and body to relax and recover naturally if you feel like applying something on your skin, go for pure aloe vera gel or honey as these two soothing ingredients will calm your skin.

Holi 2020 - Moisturize your skin regularly

Tip #4 Moisturise your skin regularly

Once you are done, cleansing, washing, wiping all the colours off your skin, it is now time to apply a good moisturiser formulated specifically for your skin type on your face. This will prevent dryness and keep the skin soft, smooth and plump. While you are at it, don’t ignore your body, use a nourishing body lotion to prevent your skin from getting dry and irritated.

FAQs About Skin & Hair Care Tips During Holi Festival:

Q. What should I apply on the face before Holi festival?

A. Other than sunscreen, you should apply a moisturiser or oil such as coconut or almond oil all over to form a protective layer. It prevents the colours from sticking to the body and getting rid of them becomes easier.

Q. How do I protect my acne-prone skin from Holi colours?

A. Holi colours can irritate and cause breakouts on acne prone skin, so it is better to refrain from harmful chemical-laden colours and opt for organic colours. Post playing Holi, remove the colours and wash your face with a mild cleanser and avoid retinoid creams for some time.

Q. What removes Holi colours from my skin and hair effectively?

A. Start by removing the colours using a cotton pad and coconut oil, then use lukewarm water to get rid of the colours with a mild face wash. For your hair, apply curds in your hair 45 minutes prior to washing to remove all traces of colour from your hair.