When the TRESemmé’s hair stylist demonstrated this hairdo on my model Akanksha, I was pleasantly surprised as it looked so beautiful, it reminded me of Rapunzel’s hair! I feel this hair style is perfect for any big occasion were you want to look and feel like a princess. This hairstyle is super easy to recreate. So here is the DIY version of a red carpet hairdo – “Princess Curls”.

diy princess curls 430x550

Start by sectioning off a big chunk of hair on your crown. Now part that section into 3 and curl each section with a curler and pin them on top of the hair so that by the time we are done with the hair do the curls remain intact.

goofing up 430x550

Now leaving some hair on the bottom, pin the rest up with the help of a clip. Add some hairspray and start curling your hair in small sections.

final look 430x550

Once you’re done curling your entire hair, shake your hair with your fingers to give it a messy look plus add volume. TRESemmé has a wide range of hairsprays so choose the one that fits your hair needs perfectly and spray to set and hold your hair throughout the event for which you are getting geared up for.

daniel bauer 430x550

Daniel Bauer from TRESemmé helped create this look.