When you’re scanning through so many hair ideas every single day, it’s hard to point out your favourites. But when you finally put those tutorials to test and actually begin to wear the hairdos, you’ll easily be able to tell what’s best suited for your face structure, hair type and length and of course, work hours. Here’s are our most recommended hair ideas for the working girls of today… the reliable ones that won’t leave you with a headache, hair pulls or any such hair calamity.

easy hair ideas theatrical front braid 430x550

The theatrical front braid
Making its way from the international runways last year, the front braid entered our hair vocab as a go-to every time we wanted to tone it down with our favourite pastel tunics and instead, play it up with our locks. Of course, this one’s for girls with lovely long longs. Although it might take some effort till you get it right, the compliments will more than make up for the time you spent perfecting your braid.

easy hair ideas low knot 430x550

The no-nonsense low knot
Perfect for your Monday morning boardroom meetings, this no-nonsense low knot will take you from day to night without tugging at your scalp. If you’re the kind who has very fine hair that’s likely to find its way out of the knot, secure it with some hair gel to hold it in place.  This one’s on our must-wear list for sure!

easy hair ideas pixie haircut 430x550

For all the girls with the pixie cuts
For all the daring girls who cut their hair super short, here’s a simple way to add some drama to your look. We know how difficult it can be to play with your hair once you lose your length, so consult your stylist, take the assistance of hair products and learn how you can get volume to work for your hair. After a few misses, you’ll manage to figure out what works for you and really rock that crop no matter what the occasion!

easy hair ideas fishtail braid 430x550

Our all-time favourite fishtail braid
Although we haven’t managed to master it yet, despite the mighty number of tutorials, the fishtail braid remains one of our favourite hair ideas. It’s super cute, can be worn with dresses, shorts and even anarkalis, and holds our hair in place. Plus, when you finally undo it, do take a minute or two to admire the lovely waves left back in your tresses. Apart from the hard work it takes to get it right, what’s not to love?

easy hair ideas loose bun 430x550

The wispy loose bun
The most commonly seen hairdo across workplaces – the untidy bun, if done right can look très chic. We’ve seen so many of the A-listers sporting it on the red carpet. The only change we plan to make is that when we wear it, we won’t be holding it up with hairspray, which actually works out even better because the untidiness adds to its charm. We kid you not!