Monsoons may be fun but the increase in humidity levels may give your hair a tough time. Hair breakage, split ends and endless frizz are few of the most common concerns each of us face which eventually result in hair fall, lifeless and unmanageable hair. In order to maintain hair health, we put down simple hair care tips that will not only protect your hair but also let you enjoy the rainy days, carefree!

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Make the most of cold water

Put some cold water in a spray can and use it on your hair after every hair wash. This closes your pores and seals the hair cuticles protecting it from monsoon humidity while keeping your hairstyle intact.

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Say no to hair styling products

Don’t try to alter the texture of your hair with styling products. Your hair and scalp are fighting humidity during the season and it only gets worse when you use heat and sprays. Do it a favour and stay away from products as it makes your hair more dirt prone and causes unwanted damage.

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Fight frizz the right way

If frizz is the biggest concern you are trying to address during the season. And it won’t help if you chop off your hair. Short hair gets frizzy pretty quickly as compared to long hair. Long hair stays put in place due to its weight and tends to be less problematic in the face of humidity.

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Keep hair tied in a loose style

A loose bun, braid or ponytail won’t fly in your mouth and protect your hair from humidity. Keep it loose to avoid a headache and dandruff incase your scalp gets wet due to rain water.

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Deep conditioning

Apart from using your regular conditioner make sure you massage yogurt on to your scalp once a week and wash off with cold water. This will help you get rid of excess oil, dandruff and other impurities the season brings along. If you have an extremely oily scalp squeeze a lemon in the yogurt for best results.