Lakmé Fashion Week is a busy time for everyone; from designers and stylists to editors and models. So when the TRESemmé hair department rests on the shoulders of Daniel Bauer, you can only imagine how busy the hair expert is. As the man himself prepped the models a few hours before the celebrated Ashish Soni show, we considered ourselves lucky to have a quick chat with him. Here are his hair predictions for the upcoming season…
hairstyles for ashish soni show

BeBeautiful : Tell us a little bit about the hairstyles created for the Ashish Soni show with TRESemmé…

Daniel Bauer : Ashish’s show was all about volume so the styles were broken into 3 aspects of avant-garde, open hair and structure. Both the clothes and the hair were inspired by the 60’s and have that vibe, that’s why you see big hair that’s full of volume.

BB : What is seen at a fashion show is often larger than life. What wearable voluminous hairstyles would you suggest for a woman to try herself?

DB : Yes, the hairstyles in the show are over the top so more toned down versions of the same styles are wearable at home. For example, the Brigitte Bardot beehive from the show is large in size and height but can be toned down to try at home.

indian women hairstyle look

BB : When it comes to Indian women, do you find that they experiment with their hair?

DB : I find that Indian women have started experimenting much more with their hair. They are trying different cuts, opting for shorter hair and hair colours, which didn’t exist ten years ago. Things are definitely evolving now!

BB : So do you recommend anything new that they should try with their hair?

DB : Indian women generally like to keep the length of their long hair. That’s why I think they should try different haircuts and experiment with lengths.

BB : When styling one’s hair at home, what’s one thing to avoid completely?

DB : With the variety of conditioners available to nourish the hair, it’s best to avoid oiling your hair during the styling process.

daniel bauer hairstyles for celebrity look

BB : Which celebrity do you look to as a hairstyle muse who experiments with her tresses a great deal?

DB : I find that Deepika Padukone is very experimental and confident which makes it easy for me to try new things with her hair.

BB : What would you say is the biggest hair trend for this season?

DB : There’s a lot to look forward to this season! There’s slick hair and undone hair which are making their mark. But the biggest trend this season is definitely voluminous, big hair.