Like we’ve mentioned before, we’re not big fans of leaving our hair open in the monsoons. So it’s more often than not that we’re stranded for choice (pun intended!) when it comes to wearing our hair differently. The bun is done, the banana clips are a reliable lot and we’ve already tried everything else in between more often than we’d like. That’s why we got the hair expert, Pallavi Jain, at the Lakmé Absolute Salon to show us her five go-to hair ideas for the monsoon. Though we must warn you, she’s a bit partial to the braid…

five monsoon fun hairstyles classy pull back hairdo1A 430x550

The Classy Pull Back
After you've shampooed and blow dried your hair, take a section from the front and pin it down with a bobby pin. Pull the rest of your hair back into a high ponytail (not the kind you'd wear in school on sport's day, a little lower than that) and let a transparent rubber band hold it tight.

monsoon fun hairstyles classy pull back hairdo1B 430x550

Take the pin off the front of your hair and back-comb that section till it gathers some volume and texture. Pull it to the back to create some height and pin it down, a little ahead of your ponytail. Take the rest of the hair from the pins, have it go around the transparent band and pin it at the base of your pony tail so that it's hidden.

rainy season hairstyles classy pull back hairdo1C 430x550

This refreshing take on the ponytail is perfect for both the office as well as a day out. We love that it keeps the hair off our face with the high front balancing out the sleek pony tail. Quite a simple way to add a dressy element to a regular hairdo, we think! We can't wait to try it for our next Monday morning meeting.

five monsoon fun hairstyles braided bun hairdo2A 430x550

The Braided Bun
After you've freshly shampooed and conditioned your hair, use the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add texture. Textured hair is easier to work with especially if you're doing hairdos with braids and the like. Start by parting your hair down the middle. Identify three sections of hair on either side of your middle parting and start plaiting your hair down the front all the way till you reach the end of you hair. Secure it with transparent rubber bands.

monsoon fun hairstyles braided bun hairdo2B 430x550

Take the braid on the right side, have it go along your hairline and secure it behind your left ear with bobby pins. Repeat the same thing with the left braid, only this time have it go under the right braid as you pin it behind your right ear. Remember to pin it down tight so that if you look at the back of your head in a mirror it should look like a unified hairdo (next photo.)

rainy season fun hairstyles braided bun hairdo2C 430x550

If you have longer hair, you can twist your braid towards the end, roll it up and then pin it from the base.
A totally different take on the regular braids we see everywhere, this one's easy to do and can go with most Indian outfits, including a sari. We've got a couple of wedding and engagements coming up, so you’ll definitely see us trying this hairdo real soon.

five monsoon fun hairstyles twisted ponytail hairdo3A 430x550

The Twisted Ponytail
After you've washed, conditioned and combed your hair, divide your hair into different sections along the front. With each section, pull your hair back, and begin twisting it along the length and secure it at the back. Repeat this for all the sections and pin them down with bobby pins.

monsoon fun hairstyles twisted ponytail hairdo3B 430x550

Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a transparent rubber band. Take a thin section of the ponytail, wrap it over the rubber band and tuck it back under it. Hold your hair in place by spraying some TIGI Bedhead Massive Shine Hairspray.

rainy season fun hairstyles twisted ponytail hairdo3C 430x550

We'll admit, we first thought this hairdo was a bit too daring for our liking but it didn’t take that much time for it to grow on us. Perfect for a Friday at the office or a day out with friends, we can't wait to hear the comments when we wear this hair over the weekend.

five monsoon fun hairstyles braid roll hairdo4A 430x550

The Braid Roll
Start by parting your hair the way you normally would. Now, divide it into two sections down the front on each side of your parting. Start by folding the hair in one section outwards and inwards (as if you were twisting it.) Continue doing this all the way down this side till you reach the nape of your neck. Here, let it fold into the rest of your hair and secure it with bobby pins. Start braiding the remainder of your hair.

monsoon fun hairstyles braid roll hairdo4B 430x550

Take the hair from front of the other side and start folding it outwards and inwards till it reaches the braid. Use bobby pins to fold and secure it into the braid.

rainy season hairstyles braid roll hairdo4C 430x550

Go back to the braid and starting at the end, start rolling it upwards closer to your hairline. Twist it a bit and have it merge into the hair from the other side. Since this is a side braid it’ll probably form a slant (as seen in the photo).
This hairdo’s a wee bit complicated so you might want to ask a friend to help you out. But trust us, once you get it right, it'll be totally worth it.

five monsoon fun hairstyles double braid hairdo5A 430x550

The Double Braid
Wash, condition and blow dry your hair. Part it the way you normally would and divide your hair into three sections the way you would if you were to braid your hair. For the first few rounds, plait your hair the regular way. Next, begin double braiding.

monsoon fun hairstyles double braid hairdo5B 430x550

To double braid, overlay one section of hair over the other. Take the section of hair on the top, braid it like you would normally and close it with a rubber band. Next, take the hair from the lower section and have it go into the section on top (the V that's formed by the braid knot.) Then go back to knotting the top section, securing it with a rubber band, and getting the lower section to the top through the braid. Continue doing this till you reach the end of the braid.

rainy season hairstyles double braid hairdo5C 430x550

We're absolutely in love with this super variation of the braid. Yes, we admit it's a bit complicated to do but then again, most beautiful things require some amount of effort don't they. We know for a fact that we're going to need some assistance to get it right the first time but with a braid this pretty that we don't even mind wearing thrice a week, we'll spend all the time required to master it.

Location, Hair and Makeup: Lakmé Absolute Salon, Bandra
Model: Anuja Pardeshi