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Written by Chandni GhoshSep 26, 2018
You’ve got to agree—there’s no bigger hair makeover than colouring your tresses. While you surely need to be gutsy enough to bleach your hair, the good news is that the latest hair trend, hair shadowing does the same without causing damage. Curious to know more about this? Here’s a low-down…

What is hair shadowing?

Who is it targeted towards?

This hair colouring technique uses eyeshadows to dye your hair temporarily thereby ruling out any damage that might be caused through bleach. So if you want to add hot pink highlights on your roots or just want your fringe to be a fun blue shade for only a few days, it’s totally possible by way of hair shadowing.


How is it done?

Who is it targeted towards?

Your haircolorist will use eyeshadows depending on the colour you want. It’s almost like using chalk on your hair. You rub the shadows on the roots or wherever you want to intensify the colour and then comb your hair followed by using a hair spray to seal the colour. But if the colour happens to be too bright, you can comb further to reduce the vibrancy.


Who is it targeted towards?

Who is it targeted towards?

While you can colour your hair in vibrant shades, hair shadowing is best to create a rooting or shadowing effect that darkens your lighter layers. Perfect if you’re looking for a seasonal change in your hair, hair shadowing is easy and low maintenance.

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