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Written by Manasi RawalgaonkarFeb 23, 2016
The adage ‘first impressions are the last impressions’ rings true when it comes to job interviews. And while you may have selected your perfect outfit the night before, what about your hair? Do you leave it down or opt for a severe updo? The most important thing to keep in mind is to not let your hair hang in your face. It can be very distracting. Oh, and don’t forget to wash and dry your hair the night before your interview. You’ll save a lot of precious time. The ultimate thing to remember is to wear your hair they way you’re most comfortable; just make sure it looks neat. Here are our picks for interview hairstyles.

The professional ponytail

Sleek bun

If you’re blessed with long locks, a sleek ponytail is the best option. Not only does it look classy and stylish, but will also curb your temptation to absentmindedly fiddle with your hair. It keeps the hair back from your face, gives you a chic look and gives you a more professional appearance.


Braid it up

Sleek bun

Another great option for long hair is a sophisticated braid – French or otherwise. It brings out the definition of your face, shows that you’re serious about your appearance and is über stylish too. A word of caution, do refrain from accessorising your braid – it’s an interview, not brunch with the girls.


Wear it down

Sleek bun

If you’ve got mid-length hair and are most comfortable wearing it down, then by all means, leave it open. Do get a blow dry the previous day however. And ensure that you don’t have any flyaway hair that might give you an untidy appearance.


Tame your bangs

Sleek bun

Got killer bangs too? Sure, they look amazing falling into your eyes for a date. But it’s an absolute no-no for professional scenarios. If you’re opting for a ponytail, then pin them back with a barrette or a bobby pin. And if you choose to wear your hair down, then make sure you blow dry them sideways. Remember the golden rule – your face must be preferably unobstructed.


Sleek bun

Sleek bun

If you possess super fine, straight hair, then a sleek bun is your go-to hairstyle. Treat your hair to a good hairspray such as Bed Head by TIGI Superstar to make sure your hair doesn’t escape in wisps. This hairdo is the perfect blend of casual chic and über professional. Don’t pin it up too tightly though – lest it give you a matronly appearance.

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