How To Back Comb Your Hair At Home

Written by Team BBOct 08, 2018

Back combing or teasing as it is commonly known is one of the oldest and most popular hair styling techniques. You’ll notice that a lot of stylists often choose back combed hairdos especially for Indian weddings, and given the fact that voluminous hair is back with a bang, we’ve been spotting many back combed hairdos all over the red carpet too!

A common misconception about teasing is that you need to go to a salon to do it done from a professional. That’s absolutely untrue! With a little bit of practice you can get any back combed hairdo at home as well! Don’t believe us? Read our complete stepwise guide…

start back combing

  • Before you begin styling, you’ve got to ensure that your hair makes for the perfect base. And what better way to do this than rely on the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner—a range that’s enriched with Amla-Pearl complex that keeps your hair nourished, silky and completely free of any frizz making it a lot easier to back comb and amp up the height and volume of your hair!
  • Once your hair is air dry, run the TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue  through your hair to give it hold and boost! Then brush your hair to ensure that the product has spread evenly.
  • Next, turn your head upside down and run a dryer through your hair starting from the roots to the ends. This is done to add some more volume to your hair.
  • Look the mirror, pick a section of your hair that you wish to tease (back comb) and hold it upright over your head. Ensure that you’re holding all the strands.

start back combing

  • Now you need to start back combing.
  • To do this, place a comb or a brush in the center of your hair—midway through your scalp and where you’re holding your hair—and begin combing it in straight, downward strokes i.e. towards your scalp.
  • Keep repeating this till you notice a volume of hair building up at the base.
  • Note that while your hair might look untidy when you’re done with it, that’s exactly how it should be!
  • Next, repeat the same process on the other sides of your hair. Usually, most women prefer to back comb their hair in the front and both the sides.
  • Once you’re done, use a wide toothed comb and settle your hair. Note that you need to gently run the comb over the area that you have back combed so as to make it look neat and at the same time not damage the teased part of your hair.
  • Tie your hair in place with decorative hair accessories, pins or combs and set your hair in place with a firm hold hair spray.
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