How To Braid Your Hair

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 27, 2018
When you’re on the go and would like your hair to look presentable without fussing over it too much, the best option is to braid it. While there are many different types of braid hairstyles from trendy snake styles and fancy fishtails, a basic braid always does the trick. Not only does it make you look polished in an instant, it conceals a bad hair day like a charm. Wondering how to braid your hair? Here’s a quick step-wise guide…

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Step 1

After washing, use a paddle brush to thoroughly brush your hair towards one side of your head.

Step 2

Once your hair is collected on one side, divide it into 3 equal sections

Step 3

Place the right section over the centre section. Then place the left section over the centre section. Repeat the action.

Step 4

Continue the same directions until you have plaited all of your hair into a braid and tie it with an elastic tie.

Step 5

Finish off the hairstyle by loosening the strands to create an effortless, casual braid.

Go out and flaunt your stylish braid on your next lunch date!
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