If you’ve always wanted lived-in hair—the kind of wavy hair that looks effortless yet so stylish, brushed out waves should be on your hair to-do list. Here is an easy go-to guide…

tigi bed head sugar dust

Since your final look will seem like you just stepped out of bed looking sexy AF, make sure your hair is dry and preferably unwashed. Go for a dry shampoo like the TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust that will give you a fantastic root lift.

hair curling

Now reach out for a flat iron and use it on the two-inch section of your hair to begin curling. Start with the root and make sure you hold the iron flat. Begin rolling to wave out your locks. Make sure you continue this wave form like an S shape till the end.

Image credit: Loxabeauty

wavy hair

Next, go for a brush with fine bristles and brush the bends of each curl going towards your head. But make sure you don’t overdo the brushing part. And there you have it –brushed out waves!

Image credit: Become gorgeous