How To Get The Perfect Blowout At Home

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 08, 2018
Always envied those hotties on the red carpet who make the blowout look so glam? Guess you can get it too, but with a little bit of effort ‘coz sexy hair requires a bit of hard work alright. If you have an event coming up that requires you to look hella stylish, we suggest attempting a blowout at home. Here’s a stepwise breakdown of the same…

A clean slate is where greatness breeds. I mean, could you ever imagine a greasy scalp grasping compliments? Well, it really makes all the good words slide. So, to do away with the dampness and oil, get washing! However, not with any ordinary shampoo and conditioner. For the special look, you’ll need something special too. We’re talking about a range that’ll help you smoothen your tresses and add that much-needed shine to them. We suggest relying on the Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.This range has a stellar nutritive system and is therefore specially crafted to make your hair smooth— just what you need when you’re going to use heat styling. The shampoo cleanses dry locks while the conditioner will does it softening duties. Once you’re done washing your hair and it seems semi dry, plunge into the next step.  

Step 2 

Use a thickening mousse 

Once you’re out of the shower, allow your hair to partially dry. Stand under a fan to quicken the process or if not, get busy with some skin TLC - that never goes to waste. Once some moisture has made its way out, get your hands on a texturizing mousse—a product that’ll add volume to your limp tresses. And if you’re searching the racks for that perfect match — stop right there because nothing is as perfect as the Bed Head by TIGI Small Talk. This product works towards adding body to your fine hair—an essential requirement for a blowout at home. So it’s not all the heat that will add volume to your locks but also this mousse - it will catalyze the XXL hair look and allows you to make your way to the best blowout at home. 

Step 3 

Don’t forget a heat protectant 

We’ll say it once, we’ll say it twice, we’ll say it a hundred times! Make sure you use a heat protector before a blowout because a blowout requires maximum heat so you don’t want to end up damaging your tresses. And being the beauty divas that we are, temporary good looks don’t make the cut, we need that beautiful bounce while retaining our natural charm. To keep it all intact, a heat protectant will shield your hair from losing moisture and make your hair more manageable. So whether you opt for the A Grande signature high pony or Beyoncé’s wild mane, start blow drying to get a perfect blowout at home!  

Step 4 

Go with the blow dryer 

Duh! A blowdry is the main ingredient for a blowout at home - but you can let the blow dryer run loose on your locks — that’ll just lead to frizzy strands. So, team the heat with a round brush and then start blow drying. And of course, don’t just pick up any chunks of your choice - be mindful so each and every strand gets that heat therapy. Dry your hair in sections, which means before you start, pin up your hair and then target each section. Hold a medium sized round brush under the roots of one of your sections and roll the brush while drying. Use the full heat option and make sure you direct the heat towards your roots—this is where you need all the volume for your blowout. Repeat for each portion of your hair and ta-do that’s how you ace that unmatched blowout at home!  

Apart from this, you will have questions and to answer which, we’re all charged up. Read the answer to some frequently asked questions below. 


Q1 How long does a blowout last?  

A blowout is designed to last for several days before you need to wash your hair again or come back for another blow dry. And this totally depends on your hair texture and lifestyle!  

Q2 Can I do a blowout on my extensions? 

Yes, of course! Extensions are designed to be treated like your very own mane, so go in and blowdry!  

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