How To Make A Braided Ponytail

Written by Dayle PereiraDec 27, 2017
When we’re out of time, we turn to the ponytail. It is a comfortable and easy hairstyle that allows us to get groomed in minutes. So what if we told you that we landed on the more glamorous variation of this ponytail hairstyle? That’s right! We’re talking about the braided ponytail which combines the ease of a ponytail with the chicness of a braid.
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Step 1:

For the first step of the braided ponytail, lean your head back and gather it all into a ponytail at the top of your head.

Step 2:

Holding your ponytail in the same position with your hair, comb the base of it in order to remove any knots. Then firmly tie the ponytail in place with the transparent hair tie.

Step 3:

Once your ponytail is positioned at the top of your head, divide it into 2 sections. Then proceed to take the outermost piece of your right section over the left section. Repeat the step for the right section as well.

Step 4:

Continue to place an outermost piece of a section of hair over the opposite section for both, the left and right side.

Step 5:

Carry on doing this until you have used all your hair in the ponytail and tie it with a decorative hair tie.

Now you can step outside for your next meeting looking chic with your neat braided ponytail!

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