When you want to get groomed without too much of an effort and using no heat whatsoever, it’s best to opt for a braid. Now, since you’ve probably already tried the popular snake braid and even a fishtail braid, you should try your hands at the waterfall braid. Here’s a step-by-step guide…
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Before you embark on experimenting with your hair, give it the strength it requires to stay stylish. To do so, add the TRESemmé Ionic Strength Shampoo & Conditioner to your hair routine. As it is infused with positively charged ionic ingredients, it reaches deep within your hair to reverse damage so that you can try bold, dramatic hairstyles.

Start by taking a section of hair above your ear and divide it into two parts away from your face. Place the first section of hair over the second section of hair. Then take a separate third section from slightly above and allow it to fall in between the first and second section.

Proceed to twist section one over section two. After one twist, take a separate fourth section from above and place it in the midst of section one and two.

Then twist the original strands over each other and keep going horizontally. Continue the same method of adding a new section of hair after one twist of the original two sections. Do this till you reach the other side of your head.

Once you’ve finished braiding your hair in a cascading, waterfall style, lightly curl the individual strands of hair (from the braid) in order for your hairdo to look softer and dressier.

You can flaunt your waterfall braid to a night out with your friends!

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