There’s no telling what can give rise to a beauty trend; for instance, the fishtail braid and moon shape manicure both gather inspiration from nature. The latest in this series is the snake braid, the new hairstyle trend on the block.Making news as the one of the hottest hair trends of 2015, the snake braid is a remarkably simple hairstyle to snag this season. We show you how…

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Step 1: Start by separating a large section of your hair in the front

Step 2: Divide the section into three parts and begin plaiting in a regular braid by intersecting the hair from the back.

Step 3: Carry on braiding to the back of the plait

snake braid tutorial 600x400

Step 4: Do the same until you’ve used all the hair and reached the end of the braid

Step 5: Firmly hold the middlemost strand of the plait in one hand and using your other hand, gently push both the end strands of the plait upwards.

Step 6: Continue to move both the strands upwards until it has bunched at the top

snake braid step by step 600x400

Step 7: You can then adjust and spread out the top section as you please

Step 8: Cross the entire braided section over the back of your head and pin it discreetly under a section of hair on the other side.

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