How To Style A Quiff Hairstyle

Written by Sanjana PalecandaNov 26, 2020
How to Style a Quiff Hairstyle

The Quiff is an age-old classic quiff hairstyle, way back from 1995, that’s survived the test of time and continues to remain a popular choice for men even today. A perfect hybrid between a Pompadour, Mohawk and the 1950’s flat top, the Quiff has carved its niche as an elegant, stylish and highly versatile men’s hairdo that lends itself to both formal and casual occasions. It’s a quick and easy way to make an impression; be it for business meetings or a black-tie event…probably why it’s timeless!

The Quiff can be styled in a number of different ways and can also be modified for nearly any face shape and hair type. There are a number of celebs that have braced in the glory of this fashionably fabulous quiff hairstyle - George Clooney, David Beckham and Daniel Radcliffe to name a few.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most popular Quiff hairstyles out there that every guy should try. Read on to find out more…


1. Swept Back Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

The swept-back Quiff is a classic. It particularly works well for medium to long hair and gives that sexy but classy look. The best part is that this look is super easy to achieve and maintain. As far as sexy male hairstyles go, this one’s right on top of our list.


2. Textured Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

If you’re looking to add a little drama to your look, then a textured Quiff is the way to go. This quiff hairstyle adds some volume to your hair as well so if you’ve been complaining about thin hair, the Textured Quiff is your saviour.


3. Curly Hair Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

While straight hair has its own charm, everyone secretly admires a lad with a gorgeous curly mane. Curls are the new sexy and when paired with the classic Quiff…its a guaranteed winner!


4. Side-swept Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

This look works particularly well for formal occasions. That neat side-combed Quiff with just the right amount of volume… if looks could kill, this would be your weapon!


5. Short-Hair Spiked Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

This is a go-to quiff hairstyle for all you short hair boys out there. This Quiff is the perfect blend of messy and sleek and a great choice to complement that sexy but cas’ look you're going for.


6. Wet Look Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

We all know what a rage the wet hair look has become. Well, lads….this is your version of it. Use a hair gel to get that perfect voluminous wet look Quiff that works for pretty much any look at any time of the day. We recommend using the Brylcreem Shine Protect Hair Styling Gel for best results.


7. Messy Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

A Quiff tends to be slightly messier in nature as compared to a Pompadour. This differentiator is actually one of its many advantages because it’s so much easier to achieve and requires close to zero maintenance. Plus, we all know the ladies love a messy haired lad!


8. Combed-Back Pompadour Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

This is a refined version of the swept-back Quiff and works better for men with a little more volume in their hair. The combed back Pompadour Quiff is undoubtedly any man’s first pick while playing dress-up. Just pair this baby with a nice tux and a stubble for a gloat worthy night of envious men and impressed women.


9. Fringed Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

The Fringed Quiff leans more towards a casual look. Apart from its cool and casual vibe, what's great about this hairstyle is that it adds volume and texture in the front of your face. This hairstyle is especially a great choice for men who complain about having a receding hairline or a rather large forehead because it adds volume and masks the problem area.

These are just a few popular options, but with a Quiff the styling possibilities are endless. So make sure to keep experimenting with a number of different looks and don't hesitate to go a little crazy… you never know what look you might discover in the process!


10. The Short Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Well, Ryan Gosling is surely rocking it and we believe so will you, if you just go about this quiff in the right manner. In this quiff style, the top part is cut about two to four inches shorter, coupled with side undercuts. If you want a minimal cut with the latest style incorporated, this is the one to go for. Formal or informal, this one rocks with every outfit and occasion.


11. Messy Depp Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Come to think of it, why not? After all, this is one ‘pirate’ who can ravage all the valuables and we would still be rooting for him. Depp is known to delve in and out of character skins. The same goes for his hairstyles as well. And this messy quiff hairdo is simply too good looking to be let go off. Boys and men, take note. This long, spiky, and fun quiff hairstyle is easy to create and maintain. 


12. Neat Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Want to sport the incredible style yet not a fan of being too edgy? A neat quiff is your pick. This one is great with all the outfits, whether formal or informal or even semi-casual, and spells the word ‘vogue’ without you having to go over the edge. Also, it is easy to maintain. 


13. Casual Top Quiff feat. Brad Pitt

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Anything wit Brad Pitt spells hot in caps. We don’t even have to say it. One look at his pictures and everyone goes “Ahh!” The same goes for this awesome and edgy quiff that is seen sporting in this picture. This is a loose quiff, kind of giving messy and tangled vibes. Only, it looks so on the surface. Originally, it is quite calm and collected, much like Brad the lad himself. What are you waiting for, boys? Dig in to dish out the best of your hair.


14. Brushed Quiff

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Want that windswept look or even that ‘just out of the bed’ one? Trust us when we say, it sounds messy but looks sexy. Just team it up with the right attitude and this is the kind of quiff hairstyle that will have your admirers asking for more. To add some more edge, try going blonde and beautiful.


How to style the quiff?

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff hairstyles may be many, but the trick is to nail the basic process of creating it. Once you are a pro at that, you really do not need to refer to the textbooks of styling. Let us chart out the steps for you:

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly and towel dry
Step 2: For more volume, blow dry a little (Do not dry completely)
Step 3: Take styling product the size of a small coin and apply it evenly
Step 4: Decide the quiff direction and use your dryer to create the same

That's it! You are done with your sexy quiff. Flaunt it the fabulous way.


FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

FAQs on Quiff Hairstyle

Q. What do I tell my barber if I want a quiff hairstyle?

A. If you are going to a salon, chances are that your stylist will already know what you are asking for, if you just mention the cut. In case there is any confusion, you should know your cut the best so that you can explain it. Also let them know the direction you want your quiff to be in.

Q. What is a quiff haircut?

A. A quiff hair actually stems from three vintage hairstyles; the 1950s pompadour, the 1950s flat top, with a hint of mohawk. Together, they form a quiff which is coolest trend amongst men right now.

Q. What should be the ideal hair length for a quiff?

A. Ideally, your hair should medium-length if you wish to get a quiff. Reason being, a quiff requires volume, especially on the top of the head. That is only possible with a decent hair length. Ideally, 4 to 6 inches is considered good.

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