Who doesn’t dream of voluminous, healthy hair, right? But when your hairstyle is on point and you don’t have a hair stylist handy, how do you finish your look to leave it looking big and beautiful? Turns out, the solution is a hairspray! If you, like us, are wondering how to use a hair spray and work it to the advantage of your stunning hairdo, here is a handy guide…
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Before you begin

Post styling your hair, reach out for the hair spray. Opt for one that retains the natural movement of your hair so that your 'do will have a medium hold that's natural as ever.

Step 1

Once you have styled your hair, give the hair spray a thorough shake to ensure that no residue remains at the bottom of the can.

Step 2

Keeping the can at a distance of 10 inches away, target different sections of your hairstyle which require a finishing touch and a natural hold.

Step 3

Continue spraying the hair spray over the rest of your hairstyle.

Step 4

Spritz the hairspray on the bristles of a comb and use it to brush any flyaways for a neatly styled look.

What you will be left with is a stunning hairdo that will look amazing all through the day!