How To Use Dry Shampoo On Your Hair

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2018
It’s been a while since the beauty world gave us dry shampoos and aren’t we glad about it? After all, it’s the one product we rely on the day we don’t want a head bath, the day we want to magically make our greasy hair look squeaky clean and the day we want to turn our bad hair day into a good one. If that’s not a wonder product, then what is? Wondering what’s the perfect guide to using dry shampoo? Here’s everything about it!

Choose the right product

Styling your tresses

If you truly want a product that works wonders as a dry shampoo and adds volume to your hair, opt for the one of best dry shampoos available – TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust. This one not only does the job of absorbing oil from your roots but also gives an instant volume and lift to your hair. Happy hair, here we come!

Shake it up

You know how in so many products, they ask you to shake the bottle so you get the product in its true form? It’s the same thing with dry shampoo. The product usually settles right at the bottom and when shaken and used, it ensures that there’s even distribution and you get the best results.


Begin with completely dry hair

Styling your tresses

Dry shampoo needs to be applied when your hair is completely dry. If you’ve just returned from a gym class, your hair can get rather sweaty and damp. So remember to get that excess moisture out by way of a blow dryer and then go for the dry shampoo. When you make the mistake of using it on wet hair, the shampoo does not absorb well leading to your hair looking flat.

Spray it right

Don’t just spray on your hair haphazardly. Remember to separate your hair into two-inch sections and spray at the roots of each section. If you end up spraying around the roots and not on them, the product will settle in one area and be ineffective.


Styling your tresses

Styling your tresses

The application of a dry shampoo when you’re styling your hair up in beachy waves is slightly different. This is because when you want to style it up, you need to liven up your overall hair and lend it volume. So just add a few spritzes of dry shampoo around your hair. You can even turn your head upside down and then spray it to get maximum benefits. But remember to not overdo the spraying because you don’t need too much dry shampoo to style it up—just a little bit of it goes a long way!

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