5 Indian Bridal Juda Hairstyles To Try

Written by Kaveri WaghelaJun 19, 2017
A woman’s wedding day is possibly one of the most anticipated events in her life. Besides the décor and ceremony, it’s her bridal look that takes the place of pride. While many women obsess over makeup and jewellery on their wedding day, their hairstyle takes a backseat even though a crown of luminous locks could add so much life to their bridal look.

We’re about to change that for good.

For your D-day, you deserve to have a glorious bridal hairstyle that complements your look. For that, we’ve got a list of the top juda hairstyles that are both beautiful and simple to try for your big day. Not only will they ensure that all eyes are on you, but these Indian bridal hairstyles will also photograph super well for all of those wedding albums you’ll keep for eternity…

Before you begin

For your hair to look fab on your wedding day, wash and condition it with the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Regardless of the bridal hairstyle you opt for, shiny tresses are a must-have on your big day and these are the products for the job. The formula of this duo is made with Amla Pearl Complex which drives away dullness and adds shininess to the strand. Together they’ll make sure your juda hairstyle looks glossy as ever.

French juda

Give your wedding look a bit of a red carpet twist with this option. The French style juda is a timeless, classic choice for any bride. As it is a snug bun it also wins bonus points for keeping hair in place and free from flyaways. While this juda hairstyle is incredibly versatile, it will go especially well with a vintage lehenga, bronze eye makeup and dark burgundy lips.

Braided juda

If you want to lend your traditional look a modern flair, make your wedding hairstyle of choice the braided juda. With one braid across the side of the head and a second one wrapped in a low bun, a braided juda with multiple plaits will add incredible texture and dimension to the hair. It’s especially good for a girl who detests touch-ups and; when worn with strobed skin and bright lips, will look great for a formal mehendi function.

Side juda

If you’re the kind of bride who would like to experiment with her look without going overboard, the side juda is just for you. Positioned off centre rather than at the middle of the head, it will lend an effortless touch to your wedding look with ease. Along with rosy cheeks and glossy lips, its breezy vibe makes it the perfect hair juda for the sangeet ceremony or wedding.

Accessorised juda

If you enjoy your fair share of sparkle even on your wedding day, this is the bridal hairstyle for you. For traditionally Indian hair juda’s, a glittering accessory can turn the look around completely. Whether it is an embellished hair pin, a delicate flower or a stone encrusted hair comb, an accessorised juda hairstyle will add glamour to your bridal look without veering too far from tradition.

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