Who said juda hairstyles are restricted to weddings and formal functions? With a little help and some handy tips and tricks, you can turn this traditional hairstyle into a visual treat. Here are some simple hairstyles for you to create a juda depending on your hair length…

Before you start

Start by prepping your hair with the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner. It nourishes and straightens your hair guaranteeing you smooth handling while trying out these juda hairstyles.

Half juda for short hair

Short haired girls, give the half bun a shot. It requires minimal effort, yet has a decent payoff. A half tied hair juda helps play your hair the right way (looks even better with front or side bangs) bringing you at par with all the long haired girls.

Bubble juda for medium hair

If you want to take your normal juda updo a notch higher then you must try the bubble juda. It adds volume on the top bun and works very well for those with thin or limp hair.

Dutch braid juda for long hair

If you have long hair your hairdo options are endless. But we suggest you go for a dutch braid juda for maximum effect. The braid adds a certain zig- zag design to your hair which is very pleasing to the eyes. Gather the braids into a bun and you will be a complete stunner.

Image credits: daimond.co.uk, Pinterest