We know you find little time to up your hair game amidst your fast-paced life. But can you really let your hairstyle take a backseat because of your schedules? What you can do in such cases is opt for easy peasy hairstyles that take barely 2 minutes to put together. One such hairstyle is the loop ponytail that’s been a rage for several fashion weeks over the years. Want to create this runway hairdo yourself? We’re telling you how it’s done...

creating loop ponytail hairstyle

  • Wash your hair

    A looped ponytail is perfectly created when your hair looks straight and shiny. To get that look, first wash your hair with a shampoo that will help your hair get a smooth and straight texture. We suggest relying on the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. Its straight lock technology along with Silk Protein helps your hair stay silky and straight. Once you’ve washed your hair, air dry your tresses.

tie loop ponytail hairstyle

  • Create your parting and use a shine spray

    This is when you brush your hair and then create the parting for the hairstyle—middle or side, depending on how you like it. Remember that your hair needs to look sleek from the front so sure you use the Toni & Guy Moisturising Shine Spray on your hair after creating the parting.

loop ponytail hairstyle look

  • Create the ponytail

    Create a low ponytail like you’d usually do but don’t pull your hair completely into the elastic; leave some bit of the ends outside while creating a loop.

wrap your hair to get loop ponytail hairstyle

  • Wrap your hair

    Wrap the entire section of the ends around your elastic so your elastic is concealed with your hair. You can spritz some hair holding spray to make sure the hairstyle stays in place and ta-da—you’re ready to flaunt the loop ponytail hairstyle.

Image credit: mydala, zimbio