If you happen to have long hair, there's no end to experimenting, especially when you're getting ready for a party. If you have a get-together coming up, here are some easy party hairstyles you can try…

Before you begin

Before all else, you need to ensure that your hair is washed, conditioned and ready to take on any hairdo of your choice. That’s why we recommend the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner Range. It has a breakthrough straight lock formula that penetrates deep into your hair fibre and reduces frizz while straightening the strands. What you get is silky, smooth hair that's perfect for any hairstyle.


Braided chignon

Few things in the hair department are prettier than the combination of a braid and a chignon. We suggest you try a chignon with a one-sided braid tucked into the bun to look every bit the stunner at a party. Want to jazz it up a bit? Go for an embellished hair pin or comb.


Milkmaid braid

For long haired girls, the milkmaid braid can be a great hairdo. There’s no denying it’s got an old school charm and is fitting for multiple occasions including a party.

We suggest you wear it with a gown for your next formal do.


Half-tied hair

You know what the quickest hairstyle for long hair is? The half-tied do—the one where you take two strands of hair from either side on the front and tuck them at the back. You can even twist these and secure them with dressy bobby pins. Elegant and easy!