Simple Ponytail Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

Written by Chandni GhoshApr 26, 2019
Simple ponytail hairstyles for all hair lengths

When it comes to easy peasy hairdos, nothing gets simpler than ponytails. Precisely why we decided to give you a low-down on  ponytails for various hair lengths. Check 'em out!

Before you begin

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Braided pony for short hair

Short hair girls, we get your worry when you run out of ideas to style your hair. The best thing to do is a braided ponytail. Flaunt the braid on one side and just tie a low ponytail. Wear it to a date night and we promise—you'll be showered with praises!
Image Credits: The Wonder Forest


Low sleek ponytail for long hair

The runway models have been flaunting this hair for a while now and there's no reason why you shouldn't! If you happen to have long hair, a low sleek pony should be your go-to hairdo. Wear this one with long tassel earrings and you'll be a complete head-turner!


Voluminous ponytail for medium length hair

Just the right hairdo for medium length hair, a voluminous ponytail will not only add drama to your hair but also give your hair character. All you have to do is tease your hair before gathering it. If you're going for a casual bar night with friends, say yes to this hairdo.

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