There are days when you just have a few minutes before you leave the house and it’s a necessity for you to look presentable. On days such as these, grooming is important but timely grooming is of the essence. That’s why we’re showing you a few easy hairstyles for women which are simple and quick enough to carry out in a matter of minutes.

Prep your tresses

Before you begin styling your hair, ensure that your hair is washed and conditioned with the Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo and Conditioner which contains Keratin Yoghurt Complex. This will add body to your long hair and give it bounce from within. Now you’re all ready to try your hand at one of these simple hairstyles!

Twisted ponytail

Rethink those boring ponytails because the twisted ponytail is here to stun! Start by taking a few strands of hair and twist them into and around your already existing ponytail. Perfect for mornings when you're running late but still need to look presentable.

Hairband braid

The now popular hairband braid style consists of a braid being worn across your head. To do this, start by braiding your hair from one side and incorporating strands from either side as your go over to the other. Perfect and pretty for a movie date, we think.

Top knot

The top knot has come to be the superhero of hair buns. Stemming from a tied ponytail and sitting at the top of your head, it has become the epitome of casual chic. We'd wear it to the gym, to class or daringly enough, on a date.

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