With the rains finally gracing us, it’s time our hairdos got an upgrade too! Because it is a task maintaining lustrous hair and keeping the frizz out during this season (with all the raindrops falling on your head), make sure you have the appropriate products (serums, oils etc.) and tress tools before you begin experimenting with these hairstyles for the monsoon season…

simple hairstyles for monsoon season messy waves 430x550

With a careful spritz of a sea salt spray, weave the product lightly within your hair to create a tousled, beach-like hairdo. We recommend using a pair of hot tongs to set the messy waves in place. For a night-time touch, use some hair glitter and mist to create a mermaid-inspired ’do.

hairstyles for monsoon season french braid 430x550

This is the easiest hairstyle of the lot, and very rainy day appropriate! Play around with (Dutch or) French styles to create your braid; remember to use a volume-building serum or spray before to make sure your braid is full and so that flyaways will stay in place. (You will need a couple of bobby pins and hair-ties for this look!)

hairstyles for monsoon season milkmaid braid 430x550

Delicate, feminine and completely fuss-free, try this look for the office. While it is rustic, it’s also great to sport with chiffon shirts and cigarette skirts particularly when you’re at work. It’s formal but not formidable! Feel free to experiment by using embellished bobby pins to weave within this style or even those Chanel-inspired pearl pins from last season etc.

hairstyles for monsoon season slicked back hair 430x550

A look made popular but none other than the sultry Kim Kardashian, the slicked back look is an edgy hairstyle to try during this season! You will, of course, require a careful application of body-building serum and some gel-based hair spray for the look to stay put. You can also achieve a different version of this look with some wet gel and hairpins (like Sonam Kapoor’s above) and you know what? It’s a most perfect, svelte look for those rainy evenings when you’re making an appearance at a swanky nightclub (pair this hairdo with dark hues and/or lots of sequins - when it comes to attire).

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