As we wave goodbye to the winters, it is officially that time of the year when your hair and skin suffer in the transition. This time around we are being smarter in a bid to keep summer hair at bay. We armed ourselves with a shower, the Sunsilk Natural Recharge and did some practical research of our own. The results are out and here’s why we’re definitely loading up on this new shampoo and conditioner range for summer!
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Hair Hydration
The summer heat can suck the life out of your hair just as it can your body, leaving you with locks that are dry, brittle and prone to damage. So when the sun is out, opt for the goodness of nourishing ginseng every time you shampoo. Sunsilk Natural Recharge cleanses your hair, giving it the much required health boost that it needs. It also rinses your scalp keeping you at arm’s length from summer’s #1 hair symptom - sticky, oily looking hair.

Herbal Cleanse
It’s a well-known fact that summer is probably the worst time to get chemical treatments on your hair. The same rule applies when it comes to shampooing with harsh ingredients that can wreak havoc when exposed to scorched hair. The best way to combat this summer hair scare? With the richness of the ginseng root (loaded with essential vitamins and minerals) and the lightness of herbal extracts, both of which come together in this summer’s quintessential hair cleanse - the Sunsilk Natural Recharge. It is also Paraben free and hence a safe and chemical-free solution for your hair.

Frizz Fight

There’s no way to deal with frizz but tackle it heads-on with some rich conditioner. Once you’re done shampooing, deep condition with Sunsilk Natural Recharge Conditioner for three to five minutes. Remember to only use conditioner on your lengths and not the scalp and roots of your hair.  With a herbal base, you can be sure that you hair will remain undamaged even if you leave it in for longer. The conditioner will smoothen your strands, lend them a glossy shine and keep them frizz free. Now you can simply say, Hello Sunshine!