The Right Top Knot Hairstyle For Every Occasion

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 26, 2018
The right top knot hairstyle for every occasion
Regardless of every new hair trend that crops up, the top knot bun can outlast them all; simply because it’s the hairstyle answer to all of life’s greatest questions. In a rush? Knot it and go. Fancy dinner? Stick a hair pin in it. That’s because there really are numerous knotted hairstyles for every occasion. Too good to be true, you think? These 5 top knot hairstyles will get rid of that notion for you.

The twisted knot

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The tiny knot

The twisted knot

Apprehensive about trying the knot in full measure? Then opt for a tinier version of it. Although miniature in size, the tiny top knot packs a maximum punch with its sleek finish, just like Zendaya.

Wear it to – A cocktail party with dangling earrings and dark lips


The messy knot

The twisted knot

You don’t need to be introduced to this knot because let’s be honest, you’ve worn it a million times before. The tousled tresses give it a messy texture and an effortless touch, which is perfect for the cool girl.

Wear it to – A breakfast date with full brows and bright lips


The braided knot

The twisted knot

If you ever thought that a top knot couldn’t pull you through a formal function, this hairstyle will prove you wrong. The braid running through the knot of the hairstyle gives it the chic edge we’ve always wanted from our top knots and we couldn’t be happier!

Wear it to - An evening wedding reception with contoured cheeks and red lips


The fringed knot

The twisted knot

We all know the power of a fringe to transform one’s face as well as the ease of a top knot. So imagine what can happen when they combine! The fringed top knot gives just about any look an edge that will definitely set it apart.

Wear it to – A movie date with kohl rimmed eyes and nude lips


The twisted knot

The twisted knot

Let’s be clear about one rule, ladies—a twist makes everything better. Sometimes that’s an added necklace or a squeeze of lemon but for your top knot hairstyle, it’s a literal twist. Having a rolled section in the body of the style gives it immediate texture and lends it a playful touch.

Wear it to – A formal dinner with smokey eye makeup and mauve lips

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