If you’re all about that big fat Indian wedding, you know that getting it all right is part of the agenda. Which includes, great decor, the most exotic, memorable outfits and the undeniable maker and breaker of it all - world-class hair and makeup. And while for the bigger functions, such as the pheras or the sangeet, we tend to channel our inner bollywood diva, with those smokey eyes and statement lip, we need to extend that same energy for our mane as well. And if you’re blessed with long and thick locks - girl, the world on your D-day is yours! So, whether you're a minimal fashionista or an OTT bride, here are 4 stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair. Latch on as the mane character energy awaits you!   

<H2> Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair: Step-by-Step Guide  

All you got to know! 

1. Braided Half Tie 

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Go for this wedding look by indulging in the stunning wedding hairstyle for long hair synonymous with mermaid magic. Yes, we’re raving about the OG  the braided half tie. Allowing your roots some ravishing showtime - if you have coloured locks, this puts all that expert skill and mix on show. And that’s not it’s beautiful fall will make all heads turn and will allow you to look like your best self in every engagement click plus it’s a compliment magnet. Add some extra gloss, shine and tangless convenience to your tresses by investing in the one and only TRESemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum. Gifting your hair with that unmatched hydration and nourishment, here’s all you need for that wowing look. So, if you’re looking at creating aesthetic wedding stories (the ones for IG too) you know which route to opt for! Dive right in.   

2. Low Pony  

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Low pony lovers, this one’s for you. This wedding hairstyle for long hair is the contemporary way of uniting that #wokeuplikethis sensation with total allure. Being that doll look that has won over  us all it entails - soft cascading down, accented beaded embellishments at the top, will show off your mane like never before. Plus, that’s not it for more aesthetic appeal, don't shy away from the IT factor of a low pony, blended braided detailing on the sides. Giving the bride-to-be loads of options to play around with, it is always her to combine fancy with utmost carefreeness. 

Want to dance without worrying about strands on your face? Low pony is the way to go. Want to change into comfy PJs post ceremony? A low pony has got your back, quite literally.   

<H3> 3. Curls  

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Keeping it relaxed and yet glam, at the intersection of those two you can find the go-to wedding hairstyle for long hair,  loaded curls. This not-too-elaborate, yet stunning, hairdo will be perfect for it brings to the fore just the right amount of pizazz and simplicity. And what’s better? The wafted hair section in the front adds that absolute o-la-la touch. Plus, if you need more volume (always better), curly extensions easily look after the glam quotient and if you’re all about the natural look, fall back on volumizing spray. Bringing to life the ethereal girl-next-door look, this hairstyle; soft curls are for those who love having their hair down and having a good time!  Plus, the curls are surely to shape your face like never before and give your makeup the attention it deserves! 

4. Loose Bun 

wedding hairstyles for long hair

Although princess locks; the staple flowy long locks have been admired for generations, we’d like to bring the new-age and elegant  into the limelight; the soft, ruffled bun. Exuding all this soft glam, this low, secured bun created with lightly twisted strands is all about the effortless charm. Borrowed from the early 90’s, it can be beautifully adorned with pearly accessories, chunky earrings and statement necklace or standout bindi. Create all that room eclectic experimentation, this fabulously fastened hairstyle is about dreams are made of and an unfailing wedding hairstyle for long hair. So, waste no more minutes and choose an dreamy #ootn (ethnic or western both fit)  to complement this wedding day hairdo.    

FAQs about Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair: 

Q1 What are some engagement hairstyling mistakes that you should avoid?  

A. Many wedding hair stylists will attest to this, but following trends blindly and actually doing stuff that's not ‘you’ is the worst mistake you can make on your engagement day. There’s no point in following trends if the chosen style does not suit you. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, not someone out of a bridal magazine. The proof of this lies in the fact that a good hairstylist will never ask you about what hair trends you are into. Instead, they would work with you to come up with a look that suits your unique features, face shape and current haircut and colour.  

Q2 What is the best way to avoid damage while doing a wedding hairstyle for long hair? 

A. Do not wash your hair on the same day that it will be getting styled and ask your stylist to use a lot of heat protecting sprays in order to minimise the damage.  

Q3  How to prep your hair for an elaborate wedding hairstyle for long hair?

A. Any wedding hairstyle requires your hair to be at its healthiest state in order to handle all the heat-styling sprays, pins and braids it is subjected to. Pay close attention to the kind of products you are using and steer clear of paraben and sulfate-based shampoos and conditioners. It is inevitable, you will be getting a lot of styling, curls and waves done on your hair. So start by making sure that the ends are well-nourished. Plus, eat well, sleep enough and get regular hair spas or deep conditioning sessions done. You can also get a treatment to boost the pH level of your scalp, thus keeping it in prime shape.