While we’re blessed with good hair days most of the time, there are definitely some mornings we’d like to see a more radical version of our hair looking back at us in the mirror. Sometimes it involves a chop here and styling there but for a sure-fire hair makeover, we think it’s best to turn to highlights.

The how-to of highlighting

The hair colouring technique of highlights uses (multiple) shades of colour that are lighter than your natural colour. This is done to add dimension to the hair and add volume to hair with finer texture. Women often prefer highlights over global hair colouring because of the refreshing outcome and the amount of depth this technique delivers.

Types of hair highlights

With hair styling being such an innovative space, there are a variety of highlighting techniques like balayage and hair contouring that have caught the fancy of hair fanatics. But before you embark on the journey of highlights for your hair, it’s integral to confide in the experts. That’s why we look no further than the Lakmé Salon. Being the trusted leader in the industry, it’s where we go to every time we’re in need of a makeover.

Best highlights for you

With hair colour, it definitely isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Hence Shailesh Moolya, the National Creative Director for hair at the Lakmé Salon believes in finding a look that best suits you while working with colours that are close to your natural hair colour. When it comes to selecting the right hair colour, Shailesh tells us that fair skin tones look best when paired with complementary warm tones like champagnes, honey and caramels. For wheatish tones, hazel and auburn tones work best. When it comes to dusky skin tones, cooler shades like plums and violets can look great!

When it comes to hair highlights, the Lakmé Salon has experts in their midst. Using high quality hair colour, the salon undertakes a wide variety of highlighting styles such as overall highlights or crown area highlights, block colouring and even ombre highlights. So the next time you’re looking to switch things around a little in the hair department, look no further!

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Sylvya, Square Space