With the cool showers, breezy air and delicious rainy fragrance enveloping the city, there comes one, very serious problem. As romantic as the air might be, our hair clearly has not got the memo. The humidity makes our mane subject to dandruff, out of control frizz and hair fall, all of which are uninvited and unwelcomed. If you’re experiencing the same problems, make friends with our smart list of rainy season hair care must-haves and you’ll find freedom from monsoon hair woes!

hair care must haves rainy season umbrella 430x550

Since the humidity is high during the monsoon, it causes your scalp to get wet which leads to dandruff. For this flaky reason, remember to keep an umbrella with you at all times in order to keep your scalp as dry as possible.

hair care must haves rainy season tony and guy serum 430x550

Nourish your hair with a shine serum post your hair wash in order to control frizz and replace it with an enviable lustre. #BBRecommends TONI&GUY Glamour Serum Drops.

hair care must haves rainy season ornate comb 430x550

Keep a comb handy with you so in case your hair does get wet you can comb it out instead of tying up your hair, which is detrimental with a wet mane. Just be careful and comb extremely gently so that your hair doesn’t break, as your hair is weakest when it is wet.

hair care must haves rainy season sunsilk thick and long shampoo conditioner 430x550

Gently cleanse and nourish your hair with Sunsilk Thick and Long Shampoo and Conditioner. Its Keratin Yoghurt Nutri Complex nourishes the hair from root to tip, giving you thicker looking hair.

hair care must haves rainy season vitamin e 430x550

Keep Vitamin E handy and eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E to maintain the health of your hair.

hair care must haves rainy season dove elixir 430x550

Dove’s luxurious blend of precious oils make it an absolute monsoon must-have. Enriched with strengthening qualities of precious almond oil and the tenderness of rose petals, this elixir will nourish your hair and dramatically help in reducing hair fall due breakage, which is a serious problem during the monsoons.