5 Hair Accessories That’ll Make You Look Like A Million Bucks On Your Wedding Day

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 hair accessories that’ll make you look like a million bucks on your wedding day

Whether you are the type of bride who likes to go the traditional route or someone with a more minimal style, you’ve got to admit the fact that adding a hair accessory to your hairstyle can take it several notches higher! Plus, thanks to tonnes of options and styles to choose from, you can pick a bridal hair accessory based on your own personal style and outfit. Can it get better than this? We think not!

To help you narrow down your options and save a little time (yep, wedding prep can be stressful), we have curated a list of stunning and versatile hair accessories you are bound to fall in love with! Excited? Let’s begin


Bejewelled headbands

Accented headdress

Image courtesy: @dramaeinbaaz

Headbands are having a moment right now, making it one of the hottest bridal hair accessories to own RN. From bejewelled, metallic, embellished to florals and pearls, the options are endless.


Fresh flowers

Accented headdress

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You can never go wrong with flowers. They can spruce up your look in an instant and give you that dreamy, romantic vibes. Include scattered twigs of baby’s breath, jasmine or orchids interspersed throughout a messy braid for your haldi or mehndi ceremony. Or you could wrap it around a bun for the pheras. Either way, you’re bound to look stunning!


Matha patti

Accented headdress

Image courtesy: @vidyahairstylist

If you are a traditional bride, then you need to wear a matha patti on your D-Day. This bridal hair accessory not only gives your hairstyle a more royal appearance but also works really well to frame your face. The only thing to keep in mind would be to choose a matha patti that complements the rest of your jewellery.


Dainty hairpins

Accented headdress

Image courtesy: @vidyahairstylist

For the brides who like to keep it minimal yet stylish, dainty hair clips should be right up your alley. Add these hairpins to a bun, braid, top knot, elaborate updos, etc., and it will still look really fresh and fabulous.


Accented headdress

Accented headdress

Image courtesy: @donnacrainsurrey 

If you are having a white wedding, and want to go for a really chic and romantic vibe, you must try accented headdresses. These not only give your hair a very feminine and fairy-tale appearance, and are totally perfect for an intimate outdoor wedding.

Main image courtesy: @sunita_shekhawat_jaipur 

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