5 Hairstyles To Spruce Up Your Look This Festive Season

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
 5 hairstyles to spruce up your look this festive season

The festive season is almost here! While you pamper your skin to look all glowy and stunning, we have got you covered when on the hairstyle front. To make sure you look Insta-ready in all your pictures this festive season, we have picked out five regular hairstyles and added a fun, festive twist to them. So ditch those basic buns and ponytails, and try out these gorgeous, easy-to-do festive hairstyle ideas in 2021.


01. Braided rose bun

Twisted bun

Image Courtesy: @The Right Hairstyles

This one is as easy as it is beautiful. Start off by creating beach waves in your hair. Then, take one section from each side of your head and secure it in a half-up ponytail at the back of your head. Once secured, weave a three-strand braid. Now, twist the braided hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a U-pin. And that’s it, your braided rose bun is ready to be flaunted!


02. Pull through side braid

Twisted bun

Image Courtesy: @Missy (Missy Sue Blog)

Braids are always fun. They are a simple way to make your hair look chic and fuss-free. For this festive season, we suggest trying out the pull through side braid. Make sure you brush your hair nicely and take out all the tangles and knots. After that, bring all your hair to the side you wish to create the braid on and start creating the pull through braid. We understand that pull through braids can look intimidating, but trust us, it is quite easy to pull off and look super amazing.


03. Braided top knot

Twisted bun

Image Courtesy: @An Indigo Day ~ Practical Tips For A More Put Together Life

We love top knots. This hairstyle is effortless and chic and for this festive season. It is basically an upgraded version of your good ol’ half up top knot. Divide your hair into three sections, take the middle part, and braid it in a simple three-strand braid. Continue braiding till the end and then twist it around your crown and secure it with a pin and you’re ready to dazzle.


04. Half up, half down bubble pony

Twisted bun

Image Courtesy: @Hair Adviser

Remember Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ stunning bubble ponytail at the BAFTAs this year? Taking a leaf out of PeeCee’s stylebook, we can’t wait to rock the half up, half down bubble ponytail this festive season. Instead of the usual bubble pony, we suggest gathering half your hair and trying out the half up half down hair version of it. It’ll give a sleek and chic look to your hair.


05.Twisted bun

Twisted bun

Image Courtesy: @Rank & Style

For all you lovelies with short hair, give your hair a festive twist this season with the twisted bun. All you gotta do is divide your hair and then start twisting two sections of your hair together. Make sure to add in a little hair from the sides as you continue twisting. In the end, just tie it together to form a bun and you’re done.

Main Image Courtesy: @Missy (Missy Sue Blog)

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