Bang On! 5 Trendy Bang Styles To Try This Festive Season

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Bang on! 5 trendy bang styles to try this festive season

There's something about staying indoors that made all of us collectively reach for a pair of scissors and cut our own bangs. As we continued experimenting with our fringes (even if it was a little bit of a fail sometimes), one thing became abundantly clear — bangs are here to stay. And with the festive season coming up quick, if you're looking to switch up your hairdo, we're here to point you in the right direction.

Amp up your festive season looks with bang hairstyles, ranging from face-framing to full-frontal fringes, that'll suit every face type. Bookmark these for your next salon sesh, or try 'em yourself!


01. Curtain bangs

05. Birkin bangs

Image courtesy: @priyankachopra

TBH, we're always going to be partial to curtain bangs. Longer, feathered bangs that don't cover your entire face and instead manage to frame the face beautifully, these ones add an extra layer of bounce and volume to the hair while exuding a cool-girl vibe that's hard to ignore. Plus, they're super easy to style — just run your hands through your hair a couple of times, and you're good to go!


02. Wispy bangs

05. Birkin bangs

Image courtesy: @taylorhill

We like to call these ones 'bangs, but without the commitment!' Wispy bangs are fine, soft, and look super gentle. With feathered endings and a light feel to them, these barely-there bangs are an all-time festive season fave.


03. Micro bangs

05. Birkin bangs

Image courtesy: @bellahadid

Micro bangs are the underdogs of the list. Having quickly shot to popularity, these ones may have divided the internet. Still, if you want something a little unique, a little different, and a little edgy this festive season, you should definitely opt for this hairstyle!


04. Blunt bangs

05. Birkin bangs

Image courtesy: @zooeydeschanel

These are the actual definition of bangs — full-frontal, a little basic, but a forever trusty option to opt for. Cut straight across your forehead; these ones are easy to maintain and even easier to execute, and let's be real — we've all had a blunt bangs phase at some point in our lives. If you haven't, though, the festive season is the perfect time to experiment since these look good on everyone!


05. Birkin bangs

05. Birkin bangs

Image courtesy: @mimikeene3

Nope, not to be confused with Birkin bags — although these ones are named after Jane Birkin! Birkin bangs are wispy, choppy bangs that reach your lashes and cover your entire forehead. They’re a little wispier and more scattered than blunt bangs, but NGL, they look pretty cool. You may have to work a little harder to maintain these and keep 'em out of your eyes, but that's a small price to pay for looking good.

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