A wedding is a big day for all involved, but especially so for the brides who get a chance to dress up like queens. And why not? After all, they are the main muse of the event. Hairstyles are one of the major components in making or breaking the look. Sometimes, even the best of wedding hairstyles don’t work because not much thought was put into it. But, there is one style which always works, a bridal juda.

Bridal juda or bridal bun has been around for a long time, across cultures and outfits. Whether made using the entire hair length or half of it, adorned with flowers or just plainly decked with a veil, a bridal juda looks promising in every form and length. Further, whether you go traditional with the sleek old bun or more contemporary with a messy one, it always works. However, we have to warn you that if you go for a messy bun, ensure that it is only messy to look at, but fixed and fastened securely. After all, you would not want your hairstyle to come tumbling down as you go about your wedding day. Bridal hairstyle malfunctions are so not desirable!

In this article, we will take you across bridal judas of various forms and on different brides, so that you know which one to pick when it is your turn. No matter what your hair length is, we have a little for everyone. So start reading and pick your style.


1. Pretty petals

Pretty petals

This one looks as gorgeous as depicted in the picture. One of the best things about this bridal juda is that this can be worn even by those who have short or cropped hair. This is because the actual juda part of the hair is hidden by petals, either real or accessorised. Here, separate petals are attached on the bun after all the hair has been swept and combed back. Small pearls in the middle of each petal further glam up the look.


2. Side-swept bridal Juda

Side-swept bridal Juda

If you are not one for accessories, and want your bridal veil to do the job, this one’s our pick for you. Your entire hair length is used to create a delicate, buffed-up bun with a few strands left loose to frame your face, and a flower pin in the shape of a mini bouquet is pinned to one side. Complete this bridal juda look with your veil.


3. Floral gajra look

Floral gajra look

This is perhaps the most common and most loved bridal juda look and its charm never gets old. This is a simple technique where you create a bun first and then adorn it with a band of the most beautiful flowers that you can get your hands on. Choose the ones that go well with your outfit.


4. Buffed-up bun

Buffed-up bun

This is truly a retro-style bridal Juda that goes well with both ethnic and western bridal getups. Beautiful hair waves along with a maang tika adorn the front, while floral gajras take care of the bun part.


5. A string of flowers

A string of flowers

Want a bridal juda, but with minimal fuss? Opt for this one which is created by using twisted layers of hair and gathering them up into a messy low bun, with a tiny string of flowers to add that dainty touch.


6. Floral sprinkle

Floral sprinkle

This is another bridal juda that has our heart. No matter which kind of bun you go for, this vine-like arrangement of baby’s breath flowers can be attached to the edges, creating a beautiful hairstyle.


7. Intertwined vines

Intertwined vines

This one is a little on the heavier side, but looks beautiful. This is a good choice for brides with very long hair or even those who have medium length hair and are using extensions. This bridal juda is not messy. In fact, each and every strand is woven and kept in place in a secure manner. The hair is curled and twisted into multiple braids and then those are used to create a thick bun, which is then finished with floral accessories, not just around the bun, but also at the centre of it, like a crown jewel.


8. Half-bun


Why go for a full bun if you want to flaunt your hair? The biggest advantage of this bridal juda is that it is light on the hair and does not make your veil heavy, which many buns can do, especially if you have long hair. This half-up juda hairdo can be secured with floral jewellery to make it even more enticing.


9. Jewel it up

Jewel it up

Bored of the usual floral drama? Let hair jewels and clips come to your rescue. There are so many designs available in the market, from simple to regal, that you are spoilt for choice. This one is a pretty simple bridal juda wherein the jewellery or clip goes right at the base, just above the nape of the neck. This secures and supports your bridal juda and ensures that all the pressure is not on the scalp.


10. Minimalistic mess

Minimalistic mess

This is a gorgeous bridal juda if you want to add elements of simplicity to your bridal attire. Blow-dried hair is swept up into a low bun with a few strands pulled out in a messy way and two jewelled pins are used to secure it. Of course, there are other pins too, but that’s the art of it, they should not be visible on the front. Messy yet minimalistic, this one should be the choice of every bride who wants a simple bridal juda which looks gorgeous nevertheless.


11. Crown it up

Crown it up

And why not? This is an age-old bridal juda hairstyle and yet the magic never fades. A simple bun which is secured by a delicate and small crown. This goes best with wedding gowns and pearly jewellery.


12. Mini bun

Mini bun

Wondering how your bridal juda would look if you have really short hair, maybe just till your shoulders? Yes, it is possible to style it into a juda without extensions and it looks really cute and charming too. Just top it off with a few elegant and small hair accessories and you are done to walk down the aisle!


13. Braided bun

Braided bun

This one can add a refreshing spin to the usual bridal judas. Simply create two loose braids taking a few strands from each side, and sweep it up with the rest of the hair to create a bun. Buff it up for a natural effect. Fasten it into place with delicate hair jewellery.


14. Bridal bun with braid

Bridal bun with braid

This is perhaps the most common and beautiful traditional hairstyle which is practised by South Indian brides. Here, the bun and braid go together, secured by lots of flowers and jewellery to complete the hairdo. This bridal juda is simply gorgeous!


15. Half-bun floral ‘do

Half-bun floral ‘do

Half-buns are lighter and look quite beautiful and different from the rest of the bridal judas. The highlight of his bridal juda, however, lies in the beautiful floral accessorising that is done with more flowers around the half-bun itself.