Weddings are beautiful, period. But more so, weddings are the time when you get to curate a unique look for yourself, starting from the ensemble you will wear to the makeup and hair. It does not matter whether you have long hair or a cropped mane, current dulhan hairstyles are so trendy that they can turn around your entire look in a jiffy. Whether it is the good old bun or messy waves or even a braided number, these are the hairstyles which would suit any bride across cultures.

Here, we have curated a list of the most sought-after bridal hairstyles for you to complete your look. Flaunt it with panache as you walk down the aisle, in a lehenga or in a gown. Your dulhan hairstyle will not let you down because we have the perfect list for you.


1. Braided high bun

Braided high bun

Fond of braids? We have just the right bridal hairdo for you. This one is a special treat for those with long hair. But wait a minute. There is no need to panic even if you do not have long hair. Medium length hair with extensions would do the trick as well. Just be wary of the weight. This one creates a thick braid out of your hair and then takes it to the top to create a braided bun. Chic and edgy, this is one bridal hairdo you will love.


2. Side braid bun

Side braid bun

If you loved the eccentricity of the braided high bun, but are not sure you can carry it off that well, we have another option for you, the side braid bun. In this, braids are woven taking the thickest side strands, and then swept with the rest of the hair to create a soft bun, a little on the higher side, if not near the crown.


3. Braid halo with soft waves

Braid halo with soft waves

This one is another braided marvel, though this dulhan hairstyle gives your hair room to breathe more. This dulhan hairstyle is created by first using a few strands that are braided and then wrapped and pinned in a halo around the head, leaving the rest of the hair in loose and stylish waves. This one’s for the bride who likes her hair open and wild, yet with a manageable style. Accessorise this with jewels and delicate flowers to amp up the look.


4. Juda with soft waves

Juda with soft waves

A juda is the best Dulhan hairstyle for the bride who wishes to go traditional. This one adds a little twist to the much loved bridal hairdo. The entire length is blow-dried and styled into waves, and then is wrapped into a secure juda with two strands specifically framing the face. A few strands are also puffed up to give it a softer look. Finish the look with gajra.


5. Vine waves

Vine waves

This is another dulhan hairstyle which is for the bride who wants all things minimal, yet dialled up for maximum effect. Beachy waves can never go out of fashion, and if styled well on your wedding day, they can add that beautiful layer to your personality. The entire length of hair is styled into beautiful beachy waves, with one thick strand twisted into a vine-like form and pinned. This is further accessorised with small flowers or floral jewellery. Minimal is the key here.


6. Messy bun

Messy bun

Thought that only casual outfits can pull off a messy hairdo? You may be a tad wrong. We have a dulhan hairstyle that can make your hair dreams come true. This one creates a loose juda, which is fastened securely so that it does not come off. Securing the juda is important even if the hairstyle is messy and loose. After all, you do not want your hair to come undone at your wedding. That is one faux pas that no bride would want. Strands are styled and left loose at the nape of the neck and further decorated with flowers for maximum effect.


7. Loosely braided dreams

Loosely braided dreams

This one’s a dream to look at. This dulhan is for those brides who like to flaunt their hair length. The entire length is styled into soft waves and then loosely braided to give the crown some relief. Three flowers are added for special effect. It’s dreamy and gorgeous!


8. Layered bun

Layered bun

This dulhan hairstyle’s focus is towards the crown, more than the nape where the actual bun is. This is also one of the neater hairstyles for those brides who do not like to sport messy hairdos. Hair is styled and combed neatly to create partings for the styling effect at the crown area, and the rest of it is swept off in a bun. Simple and chic, this is the perfect fit for both the wedding and reception.


9. Simple ponytail

Simple ponytail

Yes, a simple ponytail can also be a great dulhan hairstyle. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the image and ask your stylist to give it a spin when your day comes. Quite like the layered bun, this one too focuses on the crown and leaves the nape area free and open. Another unique thing about this hairstyle is that the hair strands are used to fasten the pony. But this can be switched to a band or accessory too. This dulhan hairstyle is great for both ethnic and western bridal outfits.


10. Sleek bun

Sleek bun

Traditional but trendy, this dulhan hairstyle can be flaunted by all brides, irrespective of hair length. A sleek bun hairstyle which is accentuated by flowers at the back and maang tikka in the front, it is festive and gorgeous.


11. Floral mini braid

Floral mini braid

This dulhan hairstyle is the best for those brides who have medium length hair. Ditch those hair extensions and make the most of your own hair. For this hairstyle, the hair is styled for enough volume and then braided in loose waves, with the crown part being neat. Thereafter, for each part of the braid, a flower is placed. A hair jewel adds a royal finishing touch, perfect for the woman of the hour, the bride herself.


12. Twisted high pony

Twisted high pony

Want to add an edge to your high pony? This is the dulhan hairstyle for you. The hair at the crown is fluffed and puffed for volume, with a strand of braid going back to be swept off in a wavy ponytail. Simple and catchy, this is the hairstyle for a dulhan who loves to be minimal and keeps her hairstyle simple!


13. Sleek waves

Sleek waves

Another one for medium-length hair, this dulhan hairstyle is a simple attempt at managing open hair and accessorising it with the right jewel for an accentuating effect. Keep a few strands out to frame the face. This is easy to create and easier to pull off!