5 Bridal Bun Hairstyles That You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Shaadi Season

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 bridal bun hairstyles that you will be seeing everywhere this shaadi season

Bridal buns are the perfect combination of elegant and chic, simplify styling a ghoonghat and can be customised many different ways. Having said that, buns still manage to get a bad rep for being the “safe” or “easy” option, which any bridal hairstylist will tell you is false.

Bridal buns seem simplistic on paper, but with some texturising, accessorising and a little personal touch, they can be a lot of fun to work with. Well, this year, there are some bridal bun hairstyles that get more love than the rest. Go ahead and bookmark your favourites.


01. OTT floral buns

05. Rose buns

Image courtesy: @noopurchokshi_amichokshi

Floral buns looked a lot less extravagant last year; the whole minimal wave had brides opting for singular roses or sleek round and underbun gajras. For 2020, that has been replaced by OTT floral arrangements of garden blooms and baby’s breath flowers are being arranged in pretty clusters for a statement look.


02. Traditional accessory with a floral crown

05. Rose buns

Image courtesy: @sejal-savaliya22

Usually, celebrity weddings are responsible for setting many bridal trends in motion but a sheer lack of grand weddings have left things tilting towards intimate bridal fashion and glam. But when Kajal Aggarwal did a flower crown paired with traditional bun jewellery, we let out a collective sigh of relief. There is space for such opulent hair trends in 2020 after all.


03. Voluminous low buns

05. Rose buns

Image courtesy: @nikkiaroraoffcial 

Bridal buns that sit low, almost at the nape of your neck, are in a league of their own. Add some volume to them and you have a gorgeous, timeless hairdo that is so easy to carry. We love the added details of twisted strands on the sides and textured detailing on the bun itself. Definitely brings out the hair colour in the best way!


04. Textured buns

05. Rose buns

Image courtesy: @kirankhanna

Talking about adding texture to buns, fully textured buns are back in vogue as well. Especially popular with engagement and reception gowns, textured buns are a breather for brides who can’t be bothered to fix their hairstyle constantly. They are also so glamorous, with tons of worked-in body that might even let you skip the extensions!


05. Rose buns

05. Rose buns

Image courtesy: @aanalsavaliya

Rose buns are probably the trickiest look to create on this list, so make sure you trust your hairstylist before getting this one. Created to resemble the petals of a rose, rose buns are perfect for brides who want to do something *extra* with their bridal looks. This look also showcases another trend - studded buns with beads, pearls and other embellishments!

Main image courtesy: @aanalsavaliya, @ritikahairstylist

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