16 Bridal Hair Accessories To Dress Up Your Tresses

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
16 Bridal Hair Accessories to Dress up your Tresses

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life, and also one where you get to be in the limelight with respect to the way you dress; not just your outfit but your tresses as well. And that is why, it is important to not just know what hairstyle you’d pull off, but what accessories to keep in handy. Of course, your salon would know all about it, but it kinda comes in handy when you are an informed bride who knows what she wants and mostly, what looks absolutely the best on her. Without further ado, let us bring to you the best bridal hair accessories that should definitely be a part of your repertoire.


1. Gajra

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Oh, the beauty of this classic. Nothing makes the entire look come as alive as it does with this traditional way of accessorizing bridal hair. This is not only the best pick for brides, but for the bridesmaids as well. A classic white gajra is always the best choice to go with the bridal hairstyle, more so because it can be layered with other accessories and there would be no fear of any clash or malfunction. You can get as creative as you want and create that perfect traditional bridal look.


2. Floral cascades

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We mean, why not. Gajra is where the floral accessories for hair kind of originated. But we want to take it a notch higher. Pick flowers that sync and match with your outfit and create a gajra out of those. These can be the same flowers or different ones, depending on what kind of hairstyle you are aiming for. Nonetheless, it creates a gorgeous floral fountain, straight out of your hair. Quite a magical touch to your magical day and an even more ethereal look.


3. Fancy juda pins

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Most brides go for buns or judas for their wedding day look. Might as well have some fun with it. The market is full of beautiful and studded juda pins, ranging from pearls to other crystals. You can take your pick as per your choice and as per what goes best with your hair texture and your outfit. Then decide your hairstyle and the kind of bridal juda you wish to create.


4. Bejewelled clips

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A wedding does not just have the main event, but a couple of others as well. Some of them can have you dressing a little under, not much to lower your aura as the bride, but just a little toned down. These bejewelled and delicate clips can be used for those simple hairstyles, especially if you are going for half-up styles and leaving the rest of the hair open in loose waves.


5. Crystal accessories

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Similar to the bejewelled clips, crystal accessories too are magical. Only, they take the magic a notch higher with the regal aura that comes with them. Most of the brides now go for crystal jewellery during the main functions. It’s quite in vogue. This can be a great addition to the whole ensemble, giving your hair a queen-like touch.


6. Jasmine floral magic

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Image Source: @WedMeGood — Indian Wedding Planning Website

Up until a few years ago, no one thought of experimenting with floral accessories. Bridal hairstyles were all about gajras and gold. But, times are changing now and so are the preferences. The more you experiment and adapt, the more memorable your look as the bride is going to be. And that’s where we bring in the beauty of jasmine. It not only smells great, but looks ethereal as well. So we are bringing it on as the perfect hair accessory to perk up your look. Pinning in fresh Jasmine into your hairstyle is a perfect way of lifting your entire look and is great for those pre-wedding functions wherein you want a little subtleness in your hairstyle and overall attire.


7. South Indian traditional jewels

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Well, South Indian bridal outfits, hairstyles and jewellery; everything is simply magical. So why not bring it on and incorporate it in your wedding too? Well, it won’t be appropriating as such, you’ll only add a beautiful element to your own beautiful day. South Indian bridal hair accessories usually come in the form of matha pattis, the Sun and the moon accessories, which are worn on either side of the hair partition and a ‘Lakshmi Billai’, a small round accessory which is kept right on top of the bun. It looks gorgeous and royal. Do give it a try!


8. Hair pearls

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Image Source: @Love My Dress — Wedding Inspiration

This is another one for the pre-wedding functions or a main one if you are having a western ceremony. Pearls add a beautiful and delicate touch to your entire hairstyle and give it a polished look with subtle gleam yet enough glitz to keep people mesmerised.


9. Starry pins

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This one is a twist on the pearl accessories and gives a similar touch, albeit a little more magical. These are star-shaped accessories that are simply gorgeous to look at and add their own beauty to your bridal hairstyle. These are also best suited for pre-wedding functions, or the main one if you are having a western ceremony or something similarly simple.


10. Orchid affair

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Image Source: @Nalinee Maharaj

Well, we have covered jasmine, but do you know that orchids can be bridal hair accessories too? Hop on, because that’s true. Step out of the routine and check out how gorgeous orchids can look when woven with your hairstyle. This will look great if you sport it in your reception.


11. Golden glow

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Why not? Hair accessories can be made of precious metal too. Add golden clips and even gajras and throw in a mix of your favourite flowers. You will be the star of the show. You kind of already are, this will just help boost it.


12. Fairytale touch

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Image Source: @WedMeGood — Indian Wedding Planning Website


Everyone wants a fairytale ending, and yours is just beginning with your wedding. Flaunt it on your hairstyle. Add a fairytale touch by adding delicate pearls and colourful butterfly accessories, and maybe, little droplets of flowers. There you are, carrying your story and telling it via your tresses.


13. Hair vine adornments

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Image Source: @Wedding Forward | Inspiration Ideas Planning


Don’t want to go for something heavy? Then picking up delicate flowers to create a vine type accessory that goes well with your hairstyle is the best pick. It is not heavy on the hair, neither in terms of weight nor to look at, and comes out magical.


14. Jhoomar and maang tikka

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This is another classic that you can pick. Jhoomar and maang tikka are prevalent in most cultures, mainly South Asian ones. While the traditional ones are quite heavy, now the market is filled with contemporary designs that you can take your pick from. Heavy or light, whichever design you choose, this traditional piece of jewellery will add to your aura on your special day. This is a classic bridal accessory whose magic never fades.


15. One-sided jewels

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Image Source: @Project Wedding

These are heavy ornaments mostly related to Muslim weddings, but look ethereal on every bride. You can take your pick from the numerous styles available, and depending on the function and the hairstyle, pin this up on one side. Simple yet effective, this accessory has its own charm.


16. Crown it!

16. Crown it!

Image Source: @Little Things Borrowed


Why not? It’s your day and you are the queen. There are various designs available, ranging from delicate to heavy. Take your pick and wear a crown. You can pick a tiara as well, it will look out of this world!

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