Diwali Hairstyle Ideas Straight From Bollywood And They Are Surprisingly Simple

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Diwali hairstyle ideas straight from Bollywood and they are surprisingly simple

Diwali is just around the corner and we can already smell the fireworks, and we hope you have your outfits all planned out. What about your hair? Any plans on how you are going to do your hair? Are you feeling a little lost? Don’t you worry! We bring you festive hairstyles that are as hot as the fireworks you are going to burst this Diwali, all thanks to our favourite Bollywood stars. Bonus: they are surprisingly simple to recreate!


Try a simple low bun with a textured front to let your big, statement earrings shine through.


Centre-part your hair and tie it into a low ponytail for this elegant look.


Centre-part your hair and plait your hair into a loose braid and use tiny floral pins to decorate your ‘choti’.


Braid your hair from the front and pin it at the top of your head. Leave the rest of your hair in a half-up, half-down hairstyle.


You can always use braids as an extra detail to any hairstyle! You could do milkmaid braids in the front and tie your hair in a bun for an easy festive hairstyle! 

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