Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: 3 Braid Hairstyle Ideas To Amp Up Your Look

Written by Pratishtha RanaMay 17, 2022
Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: 3 braid hairstyle ideas to amp up your look

Truth be told, we have long been counting down the days for the arrival of Ganpati Bappa. Not only does it kickstart the festive season, but it also gives us a reason to dress up — bye, bye sweatpants and messy buns!

We’re sure you’ve picked the perfect outfit and makeup look to go with it. But what about your hairstyle? Planning to leave your hair open or tie it in a bun? Not again! This Ganesh Chaturthi, go ahead and spruce up your outfit with some trendy hairstyles. Looking for inspo? Here are three fun braid hairstyles ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi 2021.


01. Pretty front braids

Inverted braids

Image courtesy @pinterest

If you want to stay away from the curling rod, this side braid hairstyle on silky, straight hair is your best bet. Middle-parted hair with braids on both sides, we love how the rest of the hair is left open to fall neatly on the shoulders. Don’t forget to pull out some tendrils from the front to frame your face.


02. Half-up half-down embellished braid

Inverted braids

Image courtesy @hairbysimbamrah

Want to add some oomph to your ponytail game without trying too hard? Consider creating this half-up half-down embellished braid for Ganesh Chaturthi. To uncomplicate things, simply divide your hair into two sections and make a regular three-strand braid with the top section. Accessorise the braid with sequins or pearls to spruce up the look.


03. Inverted braids

Inverted braids

Image courtesy @knotmepretty

Look at this hairstyle, an upgraded version of bubble braids. This hairstyle is super easy to create and will take you less than five minutes to create. Start by creating a side ponytail. Then, create a gap at the base of the ponytail and pull the rest of your hair through it. Secure with a hair tie. Repeat the process till you reach the end of your hair and voila! It really can’t get easier than this!

Main image courtesy @kiaraaliaadvani

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