As the wedding season nears, you find yourself frantically looking for hairstyles to complement your traditional outfits. While you would love to flaunt an elaborate hairstyle, you don’t have the time (nor the skills) to create one *sigh*.

As you prepare yourself for the puja or gear up to welcome hordes of guests, you end up throwing your hair into a bun, a ponytail or simply letting it loose.

But not this time. Because we have three very simple yet stunning side twist hairstyle that will look amazing with your traditional outfits. Take a look…


01. The simple twist

The simple twist

No matter what your hair length, the simple front twist is pretty easy to achieve. Simply detangle your hair, part at the centre and pick sections of hair from the crown area on both sides. Twist both the sections and pin at the back using bobby pins to get the look.


02. The side twisted braid

The side twisted braid

If you have a little more time on hand and can go for a fishtail braid than the front twisted side braid is perfect for you. Part your hair on the side and twist the front section from both the side and secure it at the back of your head. Now braid the rest of your hair into a fishtail or regular braid to get festive ready.


03. The double front twisted bun

The double front twisted bun

Buns and traditional outfits are a match made in heaven. It is also our Bollywood divas’ go-to hairstyle. Upgrade your regular sleek and messy bun with this double front twisted hairstyle. Instead of one section, take two sections from the crown area and twist them together, securing at the back. Then grab the rest of your hair, twist it and form a low bun to get the look.

Image courtesy: Instagram